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The Lipscomb Box JHMagic 46 2
by RayJ
Flipper Coin Material Advice. OathSworn 171 17
by Mike Powers
Double Deception Harry Patter 216 7
by Rudy Tinoco
Raven? Rudy Tinoco 194 18
by James Sievert
What am I? Bic pen, has a magnet in the bottom, I'm not a member of the PTA Dave Berkompas 98 7
by Dave Berkompas
J. B. Bobo signature? NikkoSuave 111 12
by NikkoSuave
David Roth Shell Coins Across? KenTheriot 433 29
by Jim McGowan
Pieces of Nothing Michaelblue 86 11
by Michaelblue
CSB Anyone? Tom G 726 10
by Jim McGowan
Coins with a different slant Socrates 95 9
by MatthewOlsen
Hirata Master Move magicfish 297 17
by Tom G
Storing gaffed coins billmarq 165 10
by Tom G
Finally Culled The Entire Deck:) KenTheriot 214 15
by luigimar
Coin Crazy Robert Parris 397 47
by MagicBrian
Coin Matrix Robert Parris 323 16
by Barry Allen
Want your x] to have a 'vacuum fit' and be quieter? Chessmann 128 8
by Nolan
Coins don't fit my expanded shell, any advice? Charlie 232 19
by DelMagic
Faro Shuffling And Deck Order And Stuff KenTheriot 238 12
by pnielan
Geoffrey Latta's No Where Palm Les 383 20
by KenTheriot
Miser's Dream with bills? zhrollofan 82 6
by John Johnson
Where strange things Happen (coin flurry) Nicolás Pierri 83 5
by Martin
Sankey's Mr Clean coins across SpareTopChange 140 12
by Jim McGowan
The Coin In the First Episode Of The Magicians? KenTheriot 91 6
by Nicolás Pierri
Just Found My Johnson 1.35 Bomber 36 2
by Bomber
help identifying a trick Charlie 93 6
by inigmntoya
Pencil Coin Routine - Gerald Deutsch Gerald Deutsch 51 2
by mark lewis
Dynamic coins routine marc_carrion 162 7
by marc_carrion
Problems opening a flipper marc_carrion 50 1
by marc_carrion
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