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Memorized Deck
Discussion specific to the memorized deck.
662 posts
49 topics
Books for General Mem Deck Work
by Area212
The moves that make the magic happen.
1670 posts
105 topics
Do You Use The Criss-Cross Force?
by MagicTK
Packet Tricks
536 posts
43 topics
Gamble Amble
by Ratso58
Stacked Deck
Card magic that requires a specific order to accomplish the effect. Gambling effects, Gilbreath Principle, etc.
226 posts
18 topics
Stay Stack Routines That Maintain Order?
by Mind Phantom

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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Shin Lim and Paul Wilson Mbreggar 216 13
by Mbreggar
Small Deck for Small Hands? Buffalo McKinley 50 5
Card Clips: What Are They, and Why Get One? EndersGame 25 2
by Mike Powers
What Do Other Close-Up Magicians Do That Bothers You? Buffalo McKinley 121 12
by Mike Powers
New video! Jason Ladanye 53 0
by Jason Ladanye
Does anyone here perform Placebo by Mark Calabrese? Do you use Method #1 or Method #2? EndersGame 28 0
by EndersGame
Playing Cards - from bridge to poker EVILDAN 102 6
by Waterman
Poker Deals that are Good but not Difficult to do
1 2
Paul Hallas 480 66
by Paul Hallas
Looking for info on Halo Cut arthur stead 87 4
by Mind Phantom
Which Classic Pass Card Tricks Do You Recommend? Buffalo McKinley 181 29
by Michaelblue
New ACAAN Jason Ladanye 96 5
by rready
Royal Flush As A Big Finish
1 2
Mind Phantom 500 57
by Harry Lorayne
Still Can't Spring a Deck - Suggestions? KenTheriot 82 9
by Stevie Ray Christian
Card Press - Do they Really Work? KenTheriot 121 7
by KenTheriot
New video Jason Ladanye 83 6
by Tom G
That's Not Possible from Penguin Paul Gordon 109 6
by Paul Gordon
How Playing Cards are Made EndersGame 27 0
by EndersGame
Name of a Card Trick BigBadPhil 55 8
by Anthony Vinson
Guide to publications filled with gold - Found one! Barrett S 246 9
by mac1054
Has Anybody Made Their Own Cards? KenTheriot 167 26
by EndersGame
The Art of Magic Kit featuring Mac King - includes postage stamps EndersGame 49 5
by arthur stead
NEW PG & Penguin Magic download Paul Gordon 49 0
by Paul Gordon
Paul Gordon's Four Card Fooler from Gold Dust 'video Paul Gordon 40 1
by Michaelblue
Card Magic Props Sharing : Invisible Cards Anfme 67 3
by Harrisgagnon
UPDATE. 30 FREE vids! Paul Gordon 57 0
by Paul Gordon
NEW (Aug 17th) video sharing folder. Paul Gordon 30 0
by Paul Gordon
NEW Paul Gordon videos - Free to watch! Paul Gordon 114 5
by Paul Gordon
Free Erdnase Color Change tutorial you may not have seen JohnnyNewYork 162 10
by DJ
Patrick Kun's Classic Card Case: the ideal protective carrying case for your deck EndersGame 32 0
by EndersGame
Do You Use The Chatroom Here On TMF? Mind Phantom 111 12
by alicauchy
NEW: Free to watch - 10 videos from Quidnunc Paul Gordon 33 0
by Paul Gordon
Looking for 10 for 10 by Yves Doumergue Wayne T 88 8
by rready
LIVE performance of my Ultimate Transposition from Quidnunc and Apocalypse Paul Gordon 35 0
by Paul Gordon
HEY! Here's a free card trick (I think) I invented The Great Hawk 137 12
by Paul Hallas
BEST EVER Card to Wallet, Wallet. Paul Gordon 96 3
by Paul Gordon
Out of Sight- Joshua Jay Harrisgagnon 195 20
by Chi Han
Favorite Effect Using A Blue & Red Backed Decks.. Mind Phantom 70 3
by Michaelblue
Diminishing Returns on Masters of Illusion Mike Powers 169 11
by John Luka
packet tricks Dave 151 9
by Paul Hallas
Why So Many Custom Decks? A Dozen Contributing Factors EndersGame 71 5
by Anthony Vinson
Skype Coaching with Jason Ladanye Tom G 110 2
by Jason Ladanye
How To End Harry's AC Routine Without Palming The Card? KenTheriot 396 34
by KenTheriot
Invisible deck for a group Deckster 170 17
by Harrisgagnon
Scripting Your Magic Jason Ladanye 123 16
by ianmcrawford
Card trick from the last Saturday session. culldavid 74 2
by rready
Prefiguration MatthewOlsen 398 24
by Gareth
Advantages of a Deck With No Index Marks In the Corners? KenTheriot 105 11
by KenTheriot
Just Three Moves Only.. Mind Phantom 372 29
by Magicmason
Harry Lorayne's Jaw Droppers Two book - which are your favourite tricks so far? EndersGame 228 7
by Rudy Tinoco
Medieval Design Playing Cards With Modern Finish? KenTheriot 153 28
by EndersGame
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