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Memorized Deck
Discussion specific to the memorized deck.
644 posts
46 topics
Mnemonica Arrived!
by pnielan
The moves that make the magic happen.
1550 posts
100 topics
Card Under The Glass..
by Mike Powers
Packet Tricks
498 posts
37 topics
"Hole" by Peter Pellikaan
by EndersGame
Stacked Deck
Card magic that requires a specific order to accomplish the effect. Gambling effects, Gilbreath Principle, etc.
206 posts
17 topics
David Williamson - "He Who Sp...
by Gareth

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Who Is The Most Talented Cardman That You Have Seen In Person? Logan Five 20
by MagicBrian
Cutting out the crescent moon Jabs Mckee 3
Your Favorite Card Effects That Can Be Done Without A Table.. Logan Five 24
by Harry Lorayne
Royal Flush As A Big Finish Logan Five 30
by Mbreggar
Poker Deals that are Good but not Difficult to do
1 2
Paul Hallas 62
by Paul Hallas
Getting in and out of poker deals Mbreggar 11
by Logan Five
The Complete Eye-Openers with intro by Jon Racherbaumer. Paul Gordon 0
by Paul Gordon
NEW Video of my The Ultimate Transposition Paul Gordon 0
by Paul Gordon
Magician In Trouble Effect...How Do You Sell It? Logan Five 20
by EndersGame
To Marlo or nor to Marlo? arthur stead 18
by Chi Han Yeo
One Sleight Card Tricks Chris M 9
by StevePR104
Just Three Moves Only.. Logan Five 27
by Barry Allen
Learning Card Tossing A La Boomerang? KenTheriot 39
by KenTheriot
Card Presentations that talk about gamblers/cheats etc. Paul Hallas 3
by Alan
Mint Box Sibex 3
by Evan S.
Card Moves Learnt The Wrong Way.. Logan Five 5
by arthur stead
Harry Lorayne's Jaw Droppers Two book - which are your favourite tricks so far? EndersGame 6
by EndersGame
Arranging short sets Chris M 8
by Chris M
Another Place In Time- Steve Pressley rready 8
by Harry Lorayne
Card Spelling Application Steven Youell 10
by Gareth
Happy 92nd birthday Harry Lorayne! EndersGame 1
by Rudy Tinoco
Ed Marlo-The Magic Seven. culldavid 2
by culldavid
Easy Prediction from JawDroppers Two! magicfish 39
by magicfish
Estimation sjrwheeler 3
by Harry Lorayne
"Discrepancy Sandwich" - Harry Lorayne Socrates 12
by EndersGame
Card Effects That Will Play To A Large Audience.. Logan Five 14
by Rudy Tinoco
What Is Your Favorite Self Working Card Effect? Logan Five 18
by Medifro
One Way Trip Robin Dawes 1
by Axel
Strong Card Effects With A Mental Theme? Logan Five 18
by Logan Five
Overhand & In-Jog Shuffling Logan Five 42
by Harry Lorayne
The Roadrunner Cull arthur stead 27
by pnielan
The Carey Super Sale! John Carey 17
by Robin Dawes
Harry's Jawdroppers lecture rready 3
by Harry Lorayne
It's Lorayne Time! magicfish 3
by magicfish
Tonight is Bannon night. magicfish 49
by Amazer
Bob Farmer over at the Library rready 7
by Logan Five
To Script, Or Not To Script
1 2 3
Logan Five 100
by Amazer
Today is Ortiz Afternoon Steven Youell 11
by ianmcrawford
When Looking For New Material.. Logan Five 19
by Michaelblue
When you are about to faro shuffle what do you say? rready 25
by tommyellison
Giobbi on Deck Switches Steven Youell 3
by ianmcrawford
Giobbi's Deck Switches Steven Youell 6
by Stevie Ray Christian
Why Cards? Logan Five 13
by Blathermist
Interlaced Precision-Steve Pressley rready 11
by Jabs Mckee
Mnemonica and Card College Volume 2 Available Dustin White 0
by Dustin White
MacDonald’s Aces arthur stead 27
by Logan Five
Incredible new smart phone app - Vision Mike Powers 3
by Anthony Vinson
Dr Daley's Last Trick vs Be Honest What Is It / 2 Card Monte sjrwheeler 22
by magicfish
Bicycle Seconds at the $1 store rready 13
by rready
Impromptu Aronson magicfish 9
by Anthony Vinson
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