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Memorized Deck
Discussion specific to the memorized deck.
431 posts
33 topics
your favorite memorized deck
by Harry Lorayne
The moves that make the magic happen.
863 posts
59 topics
Lorayne Spread control
by Mike Powers
Packet Tricks
329 posts
23 topics
Original Gypsy Curse
by Anthony Vinson

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FREE -- Royal Road To Card Magic Steven Youell 12
by DJ
Favorite Riffle Stacking Work Logan Five 15
by Cardshark Quixote
Proposal for Members of This Forum Steven Youell 30
by Steven Youell
Ricky Jay Cardshark Quixote 11
by Harry Lorayne
FARO TRIVIA Nicolás Pierri 21
by Joey Ace
Standing vs Seated.. Logan Five 10
by Michaelblue
Preview of my lecture this week Steven Youell 13
by tmfbls
Pro's & Con's Of Using A Deck Switch Effect As A Closer.. Logan Five 23
by Robin Dawes
The Punch Deal Cardshark Quixote 19
by Cardshark Quixote
How to Create Entertaining Card Magic Amazer 3
by Steven Youell
Patrick Redford's new book Mike Powers 4
by wbausert
Mixing Gambling Routines With Card Magic Logan Five 16
by Logan Five
Ron Bauer Material Posted Steven Youell 6
by Steven Youell
My Third Lecture Steven Youell 1
by Rudy Tinoco
The Card Corner March 2017 Mike Powers 13
by Rudy Tinoco
Presentations For Invisible Card Routine? KenTheriot 19
by KenTheriot
Favorite Magician In Trouble Effects.. Logan Five 19
by Gareth
Best of Friends - Vol 1 (Limited Qty Available!) Rudy Tinoco 21
by magicfish
Playing Cards and Quality Ben Morris-Rains 16
by Ben Morris-Rains
Your Favorite Card Tricks and WHY? Steven Youell 29
by Charlie
How long do you use a deck? Cardshark Quixote 17
by Charlie
Crooked Gambling Cardshark Quixote 45
by Harry Lorayne
Introduction to my book. Steven Youell 14
by Logan Five
René Lavand Cardshark Quixote 10
by kkaiser343
Paul Gordon on Harry Lorayne Paul Gordon 2
by Harry Lorayne
New performance Cardshark Quixote 27
by Cardshark Quixote
Favorite Effects Using The Gilbreath Principal.. Logan Five 11
by viamagus
Si Stebbins Liam57 11
by Mats Kjellstrom
Your First Book ?
1 2
Logan Five 52
by wbausert
Fabulous Jumping Card trick -Derek Dingle. culldavid 3
by JohnnyNewYork
Deck Clips and Deck Stays DJ 7
by synapse
Cardtrick Challenge #1 Steven Youell 0
by Steven Youell
"The classic magic of Larry Jennings." Gamblers aces. culldavid 5
by culldavid
Knacky Stuff synapse 14
by DJ
My Section Is Open Steven Youell 2
by Sam Slaven
Paul Lelekis - "Invisible Assembly" Rudy Tinoco 3
by Michaelblue
Need a UK Alternative synapse 11
by Sibex
Online Session trinimontes 7
by trinimontes
Hot stuff HexTheDoombunny 0
by HexTheDoombunny
Beyond Svengali, etc. Paul Hallas 2
by Blathermist
Unusual use of a Svengali deck Claudio 9
by Amazer
Scarne's Aces Cardshark Quixote 27
by Harry Lorayne
Which Cardman Would You Like To Session With ?
1 2
Logan Five 50
by synapse
Shuffle-Bored: forcing the Odd Card Claudio 8
by Alan
Heads Up! Steven Youell 8
by JohnnyNewYork
Knowing when your ready to use a new sleight or perform a new trick DJ 25
by DJ
The Ultimate Transposition by Paul Gordon Paul Gordon 6
by Paul Gordon
Ace Assembly
1 2
Charlie 81
by oscarf
"Diminishing Returns" - Mike Powers Rudy Tinoco 18
by Rudy Tinoco
NEW: Quidnunc Plus 2-DVD set! Paul Gordon 3
by Rudy Tinoco
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