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Memorized Deck
Discussion specific to the memorized deck.
505 posts
36 topics
Great Effect in "Thinking the...
by rready
The moves that make the magic happen.
1114 posts
76 topics
Catalyst Color Change
by James Sievert
Packet Tricks
395 posts
29 topics
"The three thank you" Oil and...
by GreenKnight33
In Order to Amaze
Card magic that requires a specific order to accomplish the effect. Gambling effects, Gilbreath Principle, etc.
177 posts
15 topics
"The classic magic of Larry J...
by Mike Powers

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Subject Author Replies    Last Post
Card Magic History Question KenTheriot 9
by KenTheriot
The Spread When You Ask A Spectator To Choose A Card? KenTheriot 21
by KenTheriot
Jen Kramer card magic/ Dr.Magic 13
by alexandercrawford
The Trick That Cannot Be Explained. Waterman 27
by alexandercrawford
Apocalypse rready 14
by rready
Card Through Dinero (Card Through Bill) My New Release: Ben Morris-Rains 2
by fredreisz
Help finding out a color change's name MattPM 1
by Bulla
Top Five POWERHOUSE Effects With Cards Logan Five 37
by Medifro
Cross-Eyed Jacks AlexStrand 7
by AlexStrand
My New Monograph is Available! Steven Youell 12
by Axel
Basic Card Technique by Anthony Norman Intensely Magic 2
by Blathermist
Annemann's Card Magic Socrates 29
by Magic-Aly
The Bammo Tarodiction Toolbox Bob Farmer 47
by Bob Farmer
Braue Secret Reversal? KenTheriot 26
by Magic-Aly
Thank you, Erdnase piston change... StevePR104 0
by StevePR104
Help with crediting a sleight and a quick writeup of how I approach a card trick: Ben Morris-Rains 13
by Ben Morris-Rains
I have a move published in the August 2017 Genii Magazine: Ben Morris-Rains 12
by Rudy Tinoco
Use of the back of a card pattern on the box. Gareth 4
by Gareth
New Marlo Videos luigimar 6
by luigimar
Self-working or automatic/semi-automatic card tricks? 27
by luvisi
Miraculous Coincidence - Harry Lorayne Socrates 2
by Alan
The Amazing Court-Card Trick Socrates 1
by Harry Lorayne
Richard Turner Thoroughly Astonishes Penn & Teller Mats Kjellstrom 0
by Mats Kjellstrom
Make My Day 2 Paul Hallas 6
by Socrates
Stabbed in the Pack Tom G 31
by Cardshark Quixote
Lucky Coin Socrates 7
by Barden
Quick Trick- Lorayne magicfish 0
by magicfish
Dani Daortiz Socrates 14
by rready
Double-Lift Snap Change? KenTheriot 10
by KenTheriot
An Interview with Jack Carpenter 6
Impromptu Card Magic arthur stead 30
by KenTheriot
Favorite Deck of cards JoshTheMagician 20
by Blathermist
To Script, Or Not To Script
1 2
Logan Five 82
by arthur stead
NEW Paul Gordon/Penguin Magic download Paul Gordon 0
by Paul Gordon
Looking For Tips On Dribble Move From Unshuffled? KenTheriot 8
by KenTheriot
Unshuffled Success! KenTheriot 4
by KenTheriot
Need Tips For Card Directionality in "Unshuffled" KenTheriot 20
by MagicTK
Hideo Kato & Jon Racherbaumer's Hands Off Reverse Claudio 22
by Claudio
Sequencing arthur stead 4
by Gerald Deutsch
New Deck Order KenTheriot 12
by Mike Powers
My new book. magicfish 9
by alexandercrawford
Quartet by Guy Hollingworth (gaffed card) Mats Kjellstrom 4
by alexandercrawford
Signed Card/Mystery Card plot Paul Hallas 28
by alexandercrawford
Bold and Illogical Card moves - book Socrates 5
by alexandercrawford
Card Effects That You Have Yet To Master.. Logan Five 9
by MagicTK
The advantages of a totally blank deck MatthewOlsen 29
by alexandercrawford
Duplicate Jokers ShaunRobinson 6
by Mike Powers
Fooling Laypeople With Tricks That You Didn't Think Was Good.. Logan Five 22
by ShaunRobinson
Can I Get A Sanity Check On The Faro Shuffle? KenTheriot 39
by KenTheriot
Interesting discovery about selling favorite books & DVDs arthur stead 13
by arthur stead
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