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Do as I Do with Words sjrwheeler 7
by sjrwheeler
Easy force that will work for most people via the radio FreakinAwesome 7
by Anthony Vinson
What is your favorite book test? Logan Five 42
by Chi Han Yeo
Combined Methods & Effects Paul 4
by Blathermist
Intro to Hypnosis? Chi Han Yeo 15
by Logan Five
Real Mentalism ? Logan Five 18
by Paul
Dual Reality: A Debate for the Ages Nathan_himself 1
by Chi Han Yeo
Tarot & Palm Reading Venue's Logan Five 8
by Logan Five
best first book on mentalism Barrett S 13
by alexandercrawford
Positive/negative Socrates 15
by Robin Dawes
Free Will effect Socrates 6
by Nicolás Pierri
Mentalism Opener's Logan Five 23
by Nathan_himself
Your Favorite Mentalist Logan Five 34
by Nathan_himself
Issy Simpson - the 8-year old magician blowing the Judges away with her tricks... Mats Kjellstrom 6
by alexandercrawford
Mentalism & Drinking Logan Five 13
The Kolophon Revisited by Devin Knight & Bob Hughes MentalMik 0
by MentalMik
Getting started LWSmithmagic 5
by LWSmithmagic
Cold reading and Tarot -a perspective to consider elliotmagic 4
by Logan Five
Max Maven Inteview (audio) Mats Kjellstrom 0
by Mats Kjellstrom
Books on cold reading?
1 2
pnerd 52
by elliotmagic
OPEN ME BY GENI phamducanphuong 4
by Paul Hallas
The Gordon Diary Trick Paul Gordon 6
by Paul Gordon
FREE Tarot Readings For TMF Mermbers.. Logan Five 10
by Logan Five
Book or DVD suggestions for Mentalism hitlab 13
by Blathermist
PK Touches Logan Five 8
by Stevie Ray Christian
A Crooked Palm Reader..Help ?! Logan Five 17
by Logan Five
Has Anyone Ever Thought You Were The " Real Deal " ? Logan Five 8
Strolling mentalism? Yekrats 12
by Blathermist
WIKITEST tommyellison 9
by Rudy Tinoco
Confabulation Sibex 17
by Sibex
Magicians Who Become Mentalist's Logan Five 12
by Stefan Alexxis
The 37 Force.. Logan Five 6
by mediocre_magic
Newspaper Headline Prediction Logan Five 4
by Logan Five
Mentalism With Cards Paul Hallas 4
by Paul Hallas
"Legion" - Andreu Mentalist Rudy Tinoco 2
by bartas32
Water Has Memory Logan Five 9
by bartas32
The Lottery Numbers Logan Five 21
by Michaelblue
New Name Premonition Mr. Mystery 8
by Mr. Mystery
For sale $10 bay22 6
by Tom G
Palmistry Socrates 26
by Logan Five
What Is The Trend In Mentalism At The Moment ? Logan Five 22
by Andreu06
Mixing Magic With Mentalism.. Logan Five 36
by Blathermist
The words of Richard Busch Socrates 0
by Socrates
Favorite Mentalism Move Or Sleght.. Logan Five 16
by Magic-Aly
Tarot Presentation.. Logan Five 35
by Stefan Alexxis
Social Mentalist Ben Blau 19
by Ben Blau
People Asking The Same Question Over & Over Again. Logan Five 13
by RedGrave
Giving Power To Audience Logan Five 10
by Socrates
Hypnotism Steven Youell 19
by Ronnie
Ben Blau's book Asymptotes Mike Powers 10
by Rudy Tinoco
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