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In the News
News that affects the world, your country our magic...
768 posts
87 topics
Smoothini gets TV pilot
by StevePR104
Who's Who
Share thoughts or announcements regarding your favorite magicians and their contributions to the art of magic.
673 posts
66 topics
Brother John Hamman
by Gunston
Close-Up Magic
657 posts
35 topics
Handkerchief Magic?
by KenTheriot
The Big Show
Discussions about magic performed on stage. From grand illusions to those effects that pack small, but play big!
189 posts
16 topics
"Deepest Sympathy" - Helder G...
by Rudy Tinoco
The Saturday Sessions
Every other Saturday afternoon, members of the Magician's Forum gather to exchange thoughts and ideas about magic.
645 posts
40 topics
Session this weekend?
by Mike Powers
Information about past, present, and future lectures.
402 posts
24 topics
Jason Ladanye Lecture - May 6...
by Stevie Ray Christian

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Harry Lorayne Magic Contest! Rudy Tinoco 21
by Gareth
Book Club Round Two - Official Information tmfbls 24
by JohnnyNewYork
The Invisible Palm Technique (Youtube!) SilverMagicAddict 0
by SilverMagicAddict
The Making Of A Good Magician.. Logan Five 0
by Logan Five
Having to know the secret Intensely Magic 5
by Steven Youell
Practice Time Michaelblue 0
by Michaelblue
Not a bad way to spend 5 bucks Intensely Magic 5
by Robin Dawes
Music HexTheDoombunny 2
by HexTheDoombunny
An Update and Apology - Harry's Lecture Rudy Tinoco 8
by Blathermist
Thoughts on Revealing Magic on YouTube Nymzo 11
by Waterman
Music for Youtube Performance (Invisible Palm Technique) SilverMagicAddict 0
by SilverMagicAddict
First Magic Video on Youtube SilverMagicAddict 6
by SilverMagicAddict
Magic pic of the day
1 2
Dorian Rhodell 71
by Dorian Rhodell
Dani DaOrtiz is coming to Melbourne Chi Han Yeo 4
by Rudy Tinoco
Steve Martin's Master Class on Comedy tommyellison 13
by tommyellison
Bill Malone is great. SpareTopChange 4
by SpareTopChange
Free Danny Orleans online lecture Paul Long 0
by Paul Long
Three Coins and a Shot Glass Intensely Magic 5
by Logan Five
Do People Want To Be Fooled By Magic ? Logan Five 24
by Nymzo
One of the best articles I've read in a long time: Ben Morris-Rains 24
by Michaelblue
Magic clubs - helpful or not?
1 2
Paul Long 58
by kkaiser343
Have we discussed Michael Vincent's Kismet? Intensely Magic 2
by RayJ
Favourite YouTube clips Robin Dawes 2
by magicmann
What got you into magic? Cardshark Quixote 22
by Robin Dawes
I Dreamed A Trick Last NIght KenTheriot 1
by Michaelblue
Bad Two Computer Days Steven Youell 10
by hitlab
At the Table Robin Dawes 6
by Robin Dawes
Advice on a routine. Liam57 13
by Liam57
Performing for other magicians JohnnyNewYork 12
by Ian Richards
Here's your laugh for the day! Steven Youell 19
by Stevie Ray Christian
What is magic? ianmcrawford 23
by Harry Lorayne
Traveling HexTheDoombunny 0
by HexTheDoombunny
Thank you Steven tmfbls 0
by tmfbls
Need footage sirmike97 6
by sirmike97
Thankyou for this FORUM! JohnnyNewYork 4
by Steven Youell
L&L ePub Sale Robin Dawes 6
by Rudy Tinoco
Magic Etiquette David 2
by David
Three More Objects Waterman 7
by Waterman
A cup,spoon, and a poker chip. Waterman 18
by Michaelblue
The Ventriloquist's Secret... Waterman 14
by Blathermist
Just need a little advice Chi Han Yeo 17
by Nicolás Pierri
A funny photo I saw on Reddit. AlexStrand 18
by tmfbls
Really Large Cups for Cups and Balls? KenTheriot 14
by KenTheriot
Ice Cold acaan from Ellusionist. Duncan Ross 24
by tommyellison
Results of My Festival Magic Exploits KenTheriot 6
by KenTheriot
Greater Magic Contest!
1 2 3
Rudy Tinoco 131
by Gareth
What to buy? Striker 11
Vanishing Deck UndercoverMario 19
by culldavid
Book Club Round One: Official Information Ben Morris-Rains 37
by Mike Powers
An "open Thank You note" tmfbls 2
by Ben Morris-Rains
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