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In the News/Announcements
News that affects the world, your country our magic...
1648 posts
182 topics
Congrats Mike Powers!
by Rudy Tinoco
Information about past, present, and future lectures.
843 posts
49 topics
Steven Youell Lecture!
by RayJ
The Saturday Sessions
Every other Saturday afternoon, members of the Magician's Forum gather to exchange thoughts and ideas about magic.
1179 posts
62 topics
Saturday Session - April 13, 2019
by Craig Alan
The Showroom
A place for members of the Magian's Forum to demonstrate magic.
615 posts
54 topics
Tractor Beam by John Kennedy
by RayJ
Who's Who
Share thoughts or announcements regarding your favorite magicians and their contributions to the art of magic.
1053 posts
101 topics
Guess Who?
by Robin Dawes

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Interview: Thoughts on playing cards from legendary magician Harry Lorayne EndersGame 205 4
by Mbreggar
What makes something magical? Pepeq 120 16
by RayJ
Michael Vincent and Harry Rudy Tinoco 355 17
by Harry Lorayne
Wesley James Material Rudy Tinoco 428 7
by Wesley James
Improv is really improving my magic performance ianmcrawford 98 5
by RayJ
The power of words Mike Powers 85 6
by RayJ
Vanishing Inc. BLOG rready 152 12
by luigimar
Is Cardistry Magic? RayJ 183 35
by RayJ
H&R Books Robin Dawes 141 1
by luigimar
The simple things ParaSailor 208 16
by Anthony Vinson
Astonishment Socrates 80 6
by RayJ
Finger magic Mike Powers 85 9
by PressureFan
Influences Socrates 127 18
by Nathan_himself
False Memory and magic. Socrates 372 26
by Mike Powers
Style Socrates 104 7
by arthur stead
My Facebook Page Steven Youell 85 2
by Steven Youell
Thoughts on Frame Analysis Bill Guinee 75 7
by Socrates
IBM, SAM, Other? RayJ 167 15
by MagicTK
The Real Purpose of Magic Steven Youell 91 3
by Dave Berkompas
Masters of Magic Convention 2019 - Italy 16-19 may Masters of Magic 62 1
by Harry Lorayne
The magic of no magic... Socrates 163 10
by Anthony Vinson
I'm back... Bwa ha ha ha HexTheDoombunny 102 4
by Anthony Vinson
Howie Schwarzman catalog StevePR104 98 5
by Mbreggar
Happy for a minute, and only a minute Jed 208 20
by MagicTK
Dan Strange trinimontes 82 2
by trinimontes
Saying Goodbye to Magic luigimar 253 29
by luigimar
Should I feel Stupid...BE HONEST! Waterman 362 24
by Hal
Any Drink Called For Robin Dawes 113 5
by ianmcrawford
Promoting Internet Exposure RayJ 68 4
by RayJ
Memory Palace rouxnapse 54 7
by Dave Campbell
Has there been another "paradigm shift" since Paul Harris? Mike Powers 507 42
by Paul Hallas
Simon Coronel, One of Australia’s best. Gareth 71 6
by Clemens Ilgner
MAGICLIVE 2019.... A Forum Gathering? BarronOfMagic 82 5
by BarronOfMagic
Double Lift Glimpse Michaelblue 108 9
by Michaelblue
How about a favicon Intensely Magic 121 5
by magicfish
Looking forward to tonight! Jkrjhn 86 5
by Axel
Having Trouble With The Faro Wayne T 81 7
by Wayne T
Single Playing Cards Sibex 76 5
by jim ferguson
Card Treatments buffing /fabric softener kkaiser343 126 6
by kkaiser343
Cups upside down on book/tray trick TheMaFo 50 3
by RayJ
I've Ruined My Wife Bill Guinee 201 18
by JustChico
Magicians in Orlando, FL trinimontes 61 5
by trinimontes
Magic Circle Jason Ladanye 231 15
by Waterman
Coin follies by a card guy Dave Campbell 50 2
by MagicTK
Criteria for Closers Bill Guinee 59 3
by Mike Powers
Masters, Maistros and Magic BarronOfMagic 123 16
by BarronOfMagic
Not Magic - New Book of Maths Errors Wayne T 98 3
by Bill Guinee
Truly Amazing Routines Sibex 353 26
by Hippie Torrales
The Firkin' End hostlerj 42 0
by hostlerj
Magic in Bolivia??? ianmcrawford 75 7
by Mike Powers
(Some of) The Best Things In Life Are (Virtually) Free Evan S. 422 17
by Robin Dawes
Ideas For A Busking Trick With Big Red Hanky? KenTheriot 114 10
by Robin Dawes
Perverse Magic Gerald Deutsch 556 33
by misjief
A Recommended Free Book Intensely Magic 269 14
by ParaSailor
PORTLAND MAGIC JAM 2019 Waterman 63 6
by ParaSailor
Just Did A Show Tonight!! Thank You All For Your Tips THEY HELPED!!!! TaylorRoyals27 122 14
by Robin Dawes
Bammo 666 Bob Farmer 191 13
by bennie
To Suit a Magician ParaSailor 74 4
by misjief
Viva Las Vegas! Stevie Ray Christian 89 9
by Frank Zak
Can I Get Ideas For a Motive For a Bottle Production? KenTheriot 85 12
by KenTheriot
Today, five years ago... Axel 103 7
by Mike Powers
Vegas in two weeks StevePR104 159 11
by StevePR104
Fire Alarm!!!!!! EVILDAN 210 16
by ParaSailor
Storing flash paper JustChico 60 5
by Bmat
Ring Off Rope and a discount bundle Jim 46 0
by Jim
Blackpool Convention 2019 Sibex 44 0
by Sibex
Books arrived from Ken Fogelstrom Rudy Tinoco 116 4
by Gareth
What would you have done? Michaelblue 370 33
by Blathermist
Check out these 5 magic clubs across the country JHMagic 138 7
by Robin Dawes
Name the suspects Mike Powers 161 15
by Mike Powers
Inverted Fire Tornado Robin Dawes 105 10
by aceknele
Jon Racherbaumer Mike Powers 162 11
by Anthony Vinson
Had To Share - Amazing Reaction From This Trick That Has Become a Go-To For Me KenTheriot 391 18
by SpareTopChange
Surprise! Mike Powers 48 3
by Mike Powers
Kids Show Blues Michaelblue 71 6
by Michaelblue
Funny video Mike Powers 78 7
by rready
Great News on my my new book Carey’s Way! John Carey 39 1
by Anthony Vinson
Happy (belated) anniversary to The Magician's Forum! Stevie Ray Christian 150 19
by Rudy Tinoco
Paul Gordon - Maskelyne Prize from The Magic Circle Paul Gordon 312 22
by Tom G
The truly Invisible Pass is now possible Wesley James 362 10
by Wesley James
Conferencing Software Intensely Magic 53 3
by Mike Powers
LF Lessons in Indiana Daroniunmagnificient 71 4
by ChefDon
Advice Mike Powers 324 19
by Blathermist
Happy New Year!!! Mbreggar 96 10
by ChefDon
Need help coming up with a title of an old book Jabs Mckee 93 3
by chris w
a holiday toast chris w 92 12
by Mbreggar
My new book has been released! Mbreggar 168 4
by EndersGame
Magic database Qrt727 59 2
by Qrt727
Maratón: 24 horas de Magia!!! (en Español) Jim 59 5
by Rudy Tinoco
All I Want For Christmas Intensely Magic 220 14
by Rudy Tinoco
Ken Fogelstrom Passed Away... Rudy Tinoco 187 19
by Anthony Vinson
Happy Birthday... Axel 35 3
by Robin Dawes
Help a fellow magician in need arthur stead 191 2
by arthur stead
Cups and Balls for Kids? or Intro Magic ideas? GreenKnight33 71 6
by GreenKnight33
Linking Rings -Help! Jabs Mckee 169 13
by Gareth
Hint for learning magic on dvd/download SpareTopChange 62 1
by Rudy Tinoco
Carey's Way Sibex 119 4
by Dave Campbell
Slump Michaelblue 148 7
by Michaelblue
Black Friday Bargains, what did you pick up? Paul Hallas 207 19
My camera setup for private online lessons: Jim 216 16
by Rudy Tinoco
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