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Got Woody?! (Separagon Question) Anthony Vinson 77 10
by Mbreggar
Do You Use The Criss-Cross Force? Mind Phantom 410 37
by wbausert
How many sleights should you learn? Steven Youell 451 23
by Kingman
Best video for learning the pass? SpareTopChange 201 19
by Tom G
Paul Harris's Flip Flop Plop SpareTopChange 219 11
by Amazer
Himber Wallet Kevin 43 3
by Kevin
Bob King's Controlled Surprise rready 78 6
by rready
The Lucky Card - Giobbi Kevin 246 28
by Kevin
Looking For A Good Top Change..
1 2
Mind Phantom 691 54
by Gareth
How Come Nobody Does The Glide Anymore? Mind Phantom 420 46
by Mike Powers
Diminishing Lift Sequence DJ 127 11
by Rudy Tinoco
Card Under The Glass.. Mind Phantom 139 14
by Mike Powers
Double Undercut - Bottom to Top Rudy Tinoco 386 45
by karel
Getting Burned On The Faro.. Mind Phantom 284 31
by Pinhead52
Interlaced Production Of Cards Mind Phantom 101 11
by Mind Phantom
How does Rich Ferguson shoot the card out of the middle of the deck, on Ellen? SexyEdea 215 19
by Chi Han
Lorayne Spread control rready 251 9
by EndersGame
Versatile Card Magic JordanWDyk 155 5
by Knowcows
sleight name????? MattPM 56 2
by Rudy Tinoco
Best Source For Learning To Top Palm? KenTheriot 766 28
by Pinhead52
David Blaine in Hands False Riffle Shuffle Itai1 250 3
by Cardshark Quixote
Most creative way to use a double backer TheMightyDeleto 398 20
by burak ünlüer
Which wallet? ianmcrawford 259 14
by mac1054
A few of my favorite overhand false shuffles rready 124 3
by rready
Card Palming Harrisgagnon 335 5
by Harrisgagnon
Two Card Control-One to the top and one to the bottom rready 291 23
by rready
Mock Pass??? Chris M 411 5
by Chris M
Which of Harry's Books Has The HaLo Cut? KenTheriot 236 8
by Michaelblue
The Second Push Though Shuffle.. Mind Phantom 225 3
by Mind Phantom
DL tips kkaiser343 522 36
by Michaelblue
Jennings' Bevel Palm magicfish 249 11
by Steven Youell
Tutorial on the Push Through shuffle Mike Powers 414 21
by Mike Powers
Best Way to Glimpse Top Card? KenTheriot 241 16
by KenTheriot
Your Most Toughest Sleight.. Mind Phantom 548 15
by Nathan_himself
"One Card Ribbon Spread Pass" - Tom Gagnon Rudy Tinoco 102 5
by Will Jung
Dry hands Gareth 700 37
by Livaudais
John Mendoza key card glimpse rready 136 4
by Zedd
How To Best Practice a Pressure Fan? KenTheriot 151 9
by KenTheriot
Help finding out a color change's name MattPM 48 1
by Bulla
Braue Secret Reversal? KenTheriot 351 26
by Magic-Aly
Catalyst Color Change AlexStrand 196 2
by James Sievert
Help with crediting a sleight and a quick writeup of how I approach a card trick: Ben Morris-Rains 353 13
by Ben Morris-Rains
Overhand Shuffle Card Reversal Jeremy Salow 562 4
by Jeremy Salow
Double-Lift Snap Change? KenTheriot 289 10
by KenTheriot
Hideo Kato & Jon Racherbaumer's Hands Off Reverse Claudio 315 22
by Claudio
Push Off Seconds - Take Tips? BottomDeal 412 7
by kkaiser343
Zarrow Ben Morris-Rains 550 43
by Bob Farmer
Proper Handling For The Midnight Shift? KenTheriot 444 29
by roymcbrayer
Cris Kenner 4 for 4 switch culldavid 130 3
by culldavid
Favorite Color Changes Unfinished Sentenc 394 30
by culldavid
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