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Catalyst Color Change AlexStrand 2
by James Sievert
Which wallet? ianmcrawford 9
Overhand Shuffle Card Reversal Jeremy Salow 4
by Jeremy Salow
Push Off Seconds - Take Tips? BottomDeal 7
by kkaiser343
Zarrow Ben Morris-Rains 43
by Bob Farmer
Proper Handling For The Midnight Shift? KenTheriot 29
by roymcbrayer
Cris Kenner 4 for 4 switch culldavid 3
by culldavid
David Blaine in Hands False Riffle Shuffle Itai1 1
by Maigret
Two Card Control-One to the top and one to the bottom rready 19
by sjrwheeler
Versatile Card Magic JordanWDyk 4
by Tom G
Favorite Color Changes Unfinished Sentenc 30
by culldavid
Dai Vernon's Simulated Push-Off? KenTheriot 2
by KenTheriot
The Classic Force Demonstration Steven Youell 9
by Harry Lorayne
Hermann Pass Confusion KenTheriot 9
by Steven Youell
Dry hands Gareth 35
by bennie
Lorayne Spread control rready 8
by Mike Powers
Knacky Stuff synapse 14
by DJ
Rumba Count Vs Flushtration Count synapse 12
by Cardshark Quixote
Card Gaffs Sam Slaven 1
by Cardshark Quixote
Paul Harris's Flip Flop Plop SpareTopChange 5
by Tom G
Deck Lapping Sam Slaven 5
by synapse
Midnight Shift- Draun magicfish 11
by synapse
Double Dribble Double Lift Sam Slaven 6
by Anthony Vinson
Tricks Using the Jordan Count Unfinished Sentenc 8
by Sam Slaven
No Get Ready Double - Bro. John Hamman magicfish 17
by magicfish
Your Sleight Wish List Logan Five 32
by synapse
Ed Marlo's Prayer Cull Question KenTheriot 9
by Cardshark Quixote
Carmen D'Amico Double Lift Claudio 14
by Cardshark Quixote
Ernest Earick and the book by Stephen Minch entitled "By Forces Unseen." Barrett S 14
by prodigy
How To Best Practice a Pressure Fan? KenTheriot 7
by KenTheriot
One card half-pass Claudio 14
by Claudio
Harry Lorayne's The Ultimate Move Claudio 1
by Harry Lorayne
Palming with Small Hands
1 2
MagicCat 55
by Harry Lorayne
Ow! Sore Muscles From Pressure Fan Practice KenTheriot 21
by synapse
Ed Marlo's Master Grip Bottom Deal Glenn Moulds 6
by Glenn Moulds
Another Half Pass Claudio 4
by Claudio
Ed Marlo's Flexible Switchout magicfish 12
by Mike Powers
Two-Card Force From Royal Road Jeremy Salow 7
by Claudio
Dai Vernon's Running The Scale with multiple pushoffs Claudio 4
by Claudio
DC magic pnielan 6
by pnielan
Substitution for Hamman Count? John.W.Stevens 10
by Robin Dawes
culling tips while seated JohnnyNewYork 4
by Harry Lorayne
Best source to learn a basic half pass Barrett S 10
by Barrett S
Faro Shuffle Almost There - Just One Weird Problem? KenTheriot 32
by pnielan
Krenzel DL's pnielan 2
by magicfish
How many sleights should you learn? Steven Youell 18
by Slowdini
Need Some Guidance On A Few Moves KenTheriot 19
by tommyellison
looking for name of a card sleight/display Kingman 9
by Medifro
Mercury vs creased lighting SpareTopChange 11
by MatthewOlsen
Four Flush Multiple Shift Tom Gagnon 3
by Eddie McColl
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