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Zarrow Ben Morris-Rains 39
by Bob Farmer
Push Off Seconds - Take Tips? BottomDeal 6
by culldavid
Two Card Control-One to the top and one to the bottom rready 19
by sjrwheeler
Versatile Card Magic JordanWDyk 4
by Tom G
Favorite Color Changes Unfinished Sentenc 30
by culldavid
The Classic Force Demonstration Steven Youell 9
by Harry Lorayne
Proper Handling For The Midnight Shift? KenTheriot 28
by Steven Youell
Dry hands Gareth 35
by bennie
Lorayne Spread control rready 8
by Mike Powers
Knacky Stuff synapse 14
by DJ
Rumba Count Vs Flushtration Count synapse 12
by Cardshark Quixote
Card Gaffs Sam Slaven 1
by Cardshark Quixote
Paul Harris's Flip Flop Plop SpareTopChange 5
by Tom G
Deck Lapping Sam Slaven 5
by synapse
Midnight Shift- Draun magicfish 11
by synapse
Double Dribble Double Lift Sam Slaven 6
by Anthony Vinson
Tricks Using the Jordan Count Unfinished Sentenc 8
by Sam Slaven
No Get Ready Double - Bro. John Hamman magicfish 17
by magicfish
Your Sleight Wish List Logan Five 32
by synapse
Ed Marlo's Prayer Cull Question KenTheriot 9
by Cardshark Quixote
Carmen D'Amico Double Lift Claudio 14
by Cardshark Quixote
Ernest Earick and the book by Stephen Minch entitled "By Forces Unseen." tmfbls 14
by prodigy
How To Best Practice a Pressure Fan? KenTheriot 7
by KenTheriot
One card half-pass Claudio 14
by Claudio
Harry Lorayne's The Ultimate Move Claudio 1
by Harry Lorayne
Palming with Small Hands
1 2
MagicCat 55
by Harry Lorayne
Ow! Sore Muscles From Pressure Fan Practice KenTheriot 21
by synapse
Ed Marlo's Master Grip Bottom Deal Glenn Moulds 6
by Glenn Moulds
Another Half Pass Claudio 4
by Claudio
Ed Marlo's Flexible Switchout magicfish 12
by Mike Powers
Two-Card Force From Royal Road Jeremy Salow 7
by Claudio
Dai Vernon's Running The Scale with multiple pushoffs Claudio 4
by Claudio
DC magic pnielan 6
by pnielan
Substitution for Hamman Count? John.W.Stevens 10
by Robin Dawes
culling tips while seated JohnnyNewYork 4
by Harry Lorayne
Which wallet? ianmcrawford 7
by StevePR104
Best source to learn a basic half pass tmfbls 10
by tmfbls
Faro Shuffle Almost There - Just One Weird Problem? KenTheriot 32
by pnielan
Krenzel DL's pnielan 2
by magicfish
How many sleights should you learn? Steven Youell 18
by Slowdini
Need Some Guidance On A Few Moves KenTheriot 19
by tommyellison
looking for name of a card sleight/display Kingman 9
by Medifro
Mercury vs creased lighting SpareTopChange 11
by MatthewOlsen
Four Flush Multiple Shift Tom Gagnon 3
by Eddie McColl
Vernon's Stripout Addition magicfish 15
by Gareth
Learn Ron Bauer's Two Card Turnover Technique Steven Youell 26
by Steven Youell
Top card reversal Jdip 8
by viamagus
Controlling a Selected Card Magic-Aly 35
by Magic-Aly
Anybody recognize this color change? Madistry 3
by Paul Hallas
Shin Lim - Card Vanish Rudy Tinoco 9
by tommyellison
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