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"Hole" by Peter Pellikaan Rudy Tinoco 7
by EndersGame
The Curious Case of the $25.00 Packet Trick Anthony Vinson 27
by JustChico
1 2 3
by alicauchy
Thoughts on Nick Trost's 8 Card Brainwave OathSworn 12
by Paul Hallas
Slow Motion Jazz Combo Paul Hallas 3
by diemaker
Card tricks that are self working,and fixed in a certain way johnnyjay 10
by Paul Hallas
Elmsley's Dazzle or Bannon's Razzle? Wayne T 24
by Anthony Vinson
4 Card repeat. Bibliography? IGPDA 4
by Chi Han Yeo
Paul Gordon's Spectrum Paul Gordon 3
by Paul Gordon
Black Art for cards Dave 2
by Dave
"The three thank you" Oil and water. IGPDA 11
by GreenKnight33
oil and water: Definition IGPDA 6
by Slowdini
Bicycle Flash Restoration Deck JoshTheMagician 2
by Harry Lorayne
The oil and water. introduction to my study IGPDA 2
by David
Paul Gordon - Four-Card Fooler Paul Gordon 1
by Francois Lagrange
Invisible Gorilla (Queens Out of Control) Rudy Tinoco 21
by Logan Five
Daryl's Combo Count on Cardboard Chameleons GreenKnight33 5
by GreenKnight33
Original Gypsy Curse Paul Hallas 20
by Anthony Vinson
The Upturned One Dave 0
by Dave
Joker Poker Dave 0
by Dave
Ten Gives Three magicfish 7
by Harry Lorayne
Noughts and Crosses Paul Hallas 0
by Paul Hallas
Still Small, Still Deadly Paul Hallas 4
by Paul Hallas
Oil and Water Unfinished Sentenc 18
by Robert McGee
Packet Trick Gallery
1 2
by Paul Hallas
Nick Trost's A Packet of Backs luigimar 2
by luigimar
Wolf atThe Door Paul Hallas 0
by Paul Hallas
The Fabulous Egg Paul Hallas 0
by Paul Hallas
Monster Mash Paul Hallas 0
by Paul Hallas
ESPecially Wild Paul Hallas 9
by NAVarga
Call of The Wild Paul Hallas 5
by Tom G
MY TRUTH Nicolás Pierri 7
by Nicolás Pierri
CARDS ´n LOGICS Nicolás Pierri 5
by Nicolás Pierri
A Small Packet False Shuffle zarrow52 4
by rready
Ace to King Spelling marc_carrion 4
by marc_carrion
My Old Packet Tricks from the 70s by Emerson & West luigimar 24
by wbausert
My Packet Tricks luigimar 10
by luigimar
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