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Performing for the Public: The 5 Tricks in 1 Week Challenge EVILDAN 30
by Waterman
color changing knives kkaiser343 23
by kkaiser343
Reactions Michaelblue 30
by Michaelblue
What Do You Say When They Ask.. Logan Five 22
by Gash1
Overlooked/seldom mentioned books Tom G 44
by Chi Han Yeo
Magic Journal (a)ndy 32
by Mike Powers
What Close Up Trick or Routine that You Do Gets the Best Reaction? Magic-Aly 46
by Magicmason
Performing new material for the first time Jason Ladanye 6
What Do You Say To Those When You Don't Feel Like Performing On Spot ? Logan Five 13
by Blathermist
Rediscovering the obvious ianmcrawford 8
by Robin Dawes
Del Ray performance from Tannens Jubilee in 1983 Gareth 8
by Evan S.
General Close Up Magic sjrwheeler 6
by Logan Five
Magic With Business Cards.. Logan Five 22
by Robin Dawes
Quantum Theory & Crazyman's Handcuffs.. Logan Five 6
by Mike Powers
Horribly wrong Sam Slaven 24
by Gareth
Pic From My Recent Performance - Cups and Balls KenTheriot 7
by KenTheriot
Approach to tackle a new book ianmcrawford 21
by ianmcrawford
Ackerman's "A Baker's Dozen" DVD set Mike Powers 3
by mac1054
SALE! Harry Lorayne 2
by Rudy Tinoco
Marketed Effects Anthony Vinson 31
by Amazer
What Are Best Gig's For A Close-Up Performer ? Logan Five 2
by Logan Five
Trade Show magic - is it worth it? from the clients perspective ianmcrawford 3
by ianmcrawford
Day-after Black Friday sale! Harry Lorayne 0
by Harry Lorayne
How Often Do You Practice In A Week ? Logan Five 34
by Logan Five
In-the-Wallet Magic Chris M 24
by Logan Five
Ball Vase Sam Slaven 0
by Sam Slaven
The Ten and Over Challenge Anthony Vinson 16
by Chris M
Love this performance. Cardshark Quixote 0
by Cardshark Quixote
Where Can I Find Better Chop Cup Balls? KenTheriot 32
by JustChico
Just for fun - Penn and Teller Do The Ball and Vase Intensely Magic 3
by EjayK
Phone vanish Blake Vogt and Dan Whight Jed 0
by Jed
An Idea From Ken Weber's Maximum Entertainment.. Logan Five 7
by Magic-Aly
Do You Go To Magic Conventions ? Logan Five 11
by Magic-Aly
Anyone Familiar With Simon Coronel's Bill Change? KenTheriot 31
by Gerald Deutsch
Suggestions For New Chop Cup? KenTheriot 4
by KenTheriot
Happy Halloween! magicfish 4
by Anthony Vinson
If You Had To Do One Thing To Prove Your A Magician.. Logan Five 27
by Chris M
Motivation & Goals Logan Five 2
by Will Jung
Promo Using the Hydrostatic Glass Rudy Tinoco 1
by Chi Han Yeo
Opener SAM98 21
by SAM98
Impromptu Close Up Magic Gerald Deutsch 5
by Anthony Vinson
Does Anyone Know What Brand of Cups These Are? KenTheriot 7
by KenTheriot
"Perfect Square" Rubik's Cube Rudy Tinoco 2
by James Sievert
Cups and Balls - Which set would be best? JackHeadspin 9
by MagicTK
What's your most magical, impossible moment that happened while performing? MagicTK 13
A Poem Gerald Deutsch 5
by sjrwheeler
Benefits Of Practicing At Starbucks Logan Five 12
by Anthony Vinson
Cups and Balls Advice
1 2
Chi Han Yeo 53
by Magic-Aly
Colour mind reading trick LWSmithmagic 8
by alexandercrawford
Marlo Servante Sam Slaven 11
by Tom G
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