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Marked Cards.. Mind Phantom 562 38
by MagicTK
Cheat-The Sequel Bob Farmer 51 1
by Bob Farmer
Beat'em, Cheat'em, Leave'em Bleedin' Bob Farmer 200 9
by Wayne T
Bottom deal SAM98 265 14
by majikmann
Favorite Texas Hold Em Routine Mind Phantom 148 11
by rready
Cheating In The Real World.. Mind Phantom 501 43
by Inactive
Gambling Routines That Are Virtually Easy To Do.. Mind Phantom 82 10
by Tom G
Marking Cards In Play.. Mind Phantom 126 5
by Inactive
Magical Secrets? Mind Phantom 184 17
by Ratso58
Pseudo Routines vs The Real Deal.. Mind Phantom 421 26
by prodigy
Using The Bottom Deal.. Mind Phantom 228 19
by prodigy
The REAL Reason Casinos Use Shuffle Machines.. Mind Phantom 215 20
by prodigy
Paul Gordon Head To Head Poker - Penguin download Paul Gordon 275 20
by Mbreggar
Do You Avoid Gambling Routines & Why? Mind Phantom 186 17
by Anthony Vinson
Hold Em Magic 50% Off ! Mind Phantom 250 9
by Mind Phantom
Busted! Mind Phantom 188 22
by Tom G
How Long Should A Crooked Gambling Show With Cards Be In Terms Of Mintues ? Mind Phantom 76 3
by Mind Phantom
Favorite Riffle Stacking Work Mind Phantom 457 25
by Mind Phantom
Darwin Ortiz's The Brush.. Mind Phantom 160 9
by Mind Phantom
Anyone work with the three standards? Chain, shells, Monte Tom G 358 26
by Cardshark Quixote
Casino's Not Paying Winners.. Mind Phantom 81 2
by Rudy Tinoco
Jerry Camero On The Bottom Deal Mind Phantom 936 37
by ShaunRobinson
Routines Using A Bridge Deal Mind Phantom 296 37
by Gareth
Your Favorite Top Three Gambling Routines Mind Phantom 318 14
by Sean Keys
Impossible Royal Flush Cardshark Quixote 73 5
by rready
FYI: Cardshark is being reprinted Ben Morris-Rains 269 9
by alexandercrawford
The Punch Deal Cardshark Quixote 476 22
by Cardshark Quixote
Crooked Gambling Blog.. Mind Phantom 150 2
by Cardshark Quixote
Casino Decks.. Mind Phantom 118 5
by Cardshark Quixote
Phantoms of the Card Table Barrett S 189 8
by Barrett S
Snap Poker sjrwheeler 46 0
by sjrwheeler
Clipped Scam Michaelblue 48 0
by Michaelblue
Ricky Jay Cardshark Quixote 230 11
by Harry Lorayne
Mixing Gambling Routines With Card Magic Mind Phantom 185 16
by Mind Phantom
Crooked Gambling Cardshark Quixote 353 45
by Harry Lorayne
Scarne's Aces Cardshark Quixote 414 27
by Harry Lorayne
Wise Guy by Harry Anderson Dr.Magic 152 9
by Robin Dawes
Jack Carpenter's Ultimate Hold'em rready 179 4
by Rudy Tinoco
Jack Carpenter - All In Threecard 134 3
by synapse
James Swain's Mr. Lucky Gambling Scam.. Mind Phantom 121 5
by Rudy Tinoco
Jim Steinmeyer Three Card Monte Socrates 75 4
by Robin Dawes
Bent Corner Effects Mind Phantom 62 4
by Bulla
Poker Routines Unfinished Sentenc 902 22
by Jeremy Salow
Stand Up Monte by G. Thomas EVILDAN 199 9
by Mike Powers
(B)Estimation Aces magicfish 435 18
by Paul Gordon
Sharps and Flats: a complete revelation of the secrets of cheating at games of chance and skill luvisi 80 2
by Tom G
Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi luvisi 57 2
by Mind Phantom
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