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What are your "go to" moves ianmcrawford The Open Forum 2
by Gareth
Howdy you from the UK Chris M Let Me Introduce Myself... 2
by ianmcrawford
J.K.Hartman Paul Hallas Card Magic 5
by Harry Lorayne
Promo Using the Hydrostatic Glass Rudy Tinoco Close-Up Magic 1
by Chi Han Yeo
4 Card repeat. Bibliography? IGPDA Packet Tricks 4
by Chi Han Yeo
Malone Meets Marlo Robin Dawes Card Magic 22
by Chi Han Yeo
FFFF 2017 Review Robin Dawes In the News 5
by Chi Han Yeo
Self-working or automatic/semi-automatic card tricks? Card Magic 33
by JustChico
Losing Control.. Logan Five Mentalism 19
by Gerald Deutsch
Jimmy grippo viamagus The Open Forum 6
by Axel
Very Special Offer from Paul Gordon. Ends on Wednesday Paul Gordon The Open Forum 16
by Blathermist
If You Had To Do One Thing To Prove Your A Magician.. Logan Five Close-Up Magic 25
by fredreisz
Video of John Scarne doing card sleights Chi Han Yeo Card Magic 12
by diemaker
REVIEW: Cups & Balls Vol. 1 by Murphy's Magic & Daryl - Essentials In Magic stuartp DVD's 6
by Tom G
Tom Gagnon at the Genii Convention Tom G Card Magic 9
by Will Jung
DL tips kkaiser343 Sleights 36
by Michaelblue
I fooled myself with it!
1 2
Unfinished Sentenc Card Magic 50
by diemaker
What Shuffle For Harry's Startler? KenTheriot Card Magic 6
by KenTheriot
Advice On Routining/Structuring A Performance? KenTheriot The Open Forum 12
Eyes of Gods From Mike Maxwell diemaker Card Magic 20
by Blathermist
Help Rossirosinnimagic Mentalism 10
by Rossirosinnimagic
New Guy Scattered Welcome! 8
Excited to be part of the forum! Harrisgagnon Welcome! 4
by luigimar
Gambling Demonstraitions In A Magic Show ? Logan Five The Open Forum 4
by Will Jung
Went to Penguin's Live Magic Expo KenTheriot The Open Forum 0
by KenTheriot
Magic for a blind audience Gareth In the News 4
by Mike Powers
Hello to all cutnstuf Let Me Introduce Myself... 4
by Rudy Tinoco
REVIEW: Gaff-Tacular by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media stuartp Tricks 1
by Paul Hallas
REVIEW: Quantum Leap by Gavin James and Saturn Magic stuartp Tricks 0
by stuartp
Anyone Familiar With Simon Coronel's Bill Change? KenTheriot Close-Up Magic 30
by Ben Morris-Rains
Rudy at Ridgewalker Brewing Rudy Tinoco Card Magic 2
by Ben Morris-Rains
Performing for the Public: The 5 Tricks in 1 Week Challenge EVILDAN Close-Up Magic 27
by alexandercrawford
Magic in Japan (My experiences) Will Jung The Open Forum 3
Session Link - Sept. 29th Rudy Tinoco The Saturday Sessions 9
by culldavid
JawDroppers Two Contest Rudy Tinoco Card Magic 42
by culldavid
New Juan Tamariz DVD's Rudy Tinoco In the News 1
by viamagus
The Observation Test (RRTCM) Dave Card Magic 2
by Dave
Opener SAM98 Close-Up Magic 21
by SAM98
NEW video of my Middle Earth from Article 52 Paul Gordon Card Magic 0
by Paul Gordon
Jennings' Bevel Palm magicfish Sleights 11
by Steven Youell
Finished product! HexTheDoombunny The Open Forum 0
by HexTheDoombunny
Tutorial on the Push Through shuffle Mike Powers Sleights 22
by Mike Powers
REVIEW: The Thick Card Project by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media stuartp Tricks 0
by stuartp
Penn & Teller interview from NYC Stevie Ray Christian The Open Forum 0
by Stevie Ray Christian
REVIEW: The Casino Con by Steve Gore and Gregory Wilson stuartp Tricks 0
by stuartp
5 Of Your Favorite Tricks/Routines?
1 2
KenTheriot The Open Forum 83
by Harry Lorayne
REVIEW: Travel by Mickael Chatelain stuartp Tricks 0
by stuartp
A little preview... Ben Blau Magic Reviews 8
by Anthony Vinson
NEW Paul Gordon book, diary trick and 15%off offer Paul Gordon Card Magic 0
by Paul Gordon
Penn and Teller Fool Us Thoughts
1 2
Barrett S The Open Forum 53
by Robin Dawes

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