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TonyB, I was moved by your post.  Even if you are new to magic, you have shown unusual  wisdom and humility, attributes that are bound to serve you (and your audiences) well on your magical journey.
Rudy Tinoco

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Originally Posted by TonyB
As someone new to this (for me) hobby, I'm actually okay with not having access to "secret" areas of the forum without having at least 100 posts. I have a lot more rudimentary techniques to learn and perfect before even considering the more advanced and intriquite tricks. I think limiting the amount of information given to someone who is new isn't a bad thing to do. There is too much information out there that when starting its very possible to become a jack of all tricks / master of nothing too quickly.

I'm glad that you're here TonyB and appreciate you're understanding. You're here for all the right reasons and I look forward to getting to know you better!


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