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I got this e-mail from Scott the other day, and thought others might be interested. 

I've been to two and they are stellar!

Carolina Close-up Convention 2016

(The East Coast Super Session)

I’m pleased to announce “Carolina Close-up Convention 2016”.

The convention has been in existence for the past 10 years (under a couple of different names) and has always been host to some great talent such as Fisher, Asher, Wagner, Gallo, Kosby, Skutt, England, Beam, DeCamps, Tyler Wilson, Geoff Williams, Nate Kranzo, Jon Armstrong, John Guastaferro, Garrett Thomas, Bill Abbott and many others.

Some of the talent is already booked! We will continue having the special events that everyone has come to expect!

Thursday this year will be a little different. We are having 2 events starting at 8:30 so be sure to be there. More details to come!

Here are the details . . .


November 3rd -5th (The first event starts at 8:30 pm on Thursday.)

Charlotte University Holiday Inn
8520 University Exec Park Dr
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 547-0999

Rooms sold out 2 months before the convention last year so be sure to get your room early!

The group code is TRI ... 05&GPC=TRI


We still have some more Talent to book but we are very close to having everything filled. I’m very excited about the line-up. I believe we have hit a great balance between established names and new “Up and Comers”. I hope you agree . . .

· Pipo Villanueva

· Joseph Barry

· Bill Goodwin

· Steve Valentine

· Will Fern

· Caleb Wiles

· Steve Beam

· More to Come!

Special Events

Newcomer Lecture –After the success of Aaron DeLong’s debut, Rich Aviles excellent lecture , Eric Richardson awesome outing, Terry Hedges great lecture and Kyle Littletons excellent lecture last year- we will continue with the concept again this year with another “mystery” lecturer.

Like the past years, the “Newcomer Lecture” will feature someone who is unknown to the masses but will be a familiar name to those “in the know”. The goal here is to give someone a chance to get some of the recognition they deserve as an innovator/creator of magic. The identity of the lecturer will remain a mystery up until the time they are introduced. This year’s newcomer will not disappoint!

Insights – The Insights session was so well received last year that we are continuing it again this year with a focus on Theory and History!

Sleight Club Sponsored Pizza Party – Like every year – the Friday night session will be kicked off by a pizza party sponsored by “The Sleight Club”. Late Night session and mediocre pizza – what could be better!

The Show – A formal close-up show featuring some of the top close-up workers around. Staged like a real show. After attending - Eric Decamps said “All conventions should do their close-up show like that one”.  

As you can see we have a great line-up and some cool events. I hope you will make it!  

For more details and registration information please visit - Http://

Scott Robinson
704 564-5524

"Why use a large word when you can use a diminutive one instead?"    -Rob Zabrecky

"Great spirits always encounter massive resistance from mediocre minds."   - Albert Einstein

"Consensus Kills Momentum" -Tommy Ellison
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