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If you don't know what Channeling is there is a meaning for it here..!topic/eckankar-reincarnation-58past-lives/MX2vYl9rF3E

I do this as a "enchancement" at the beginning of the reading when I close my eyes and take some deep breaths then I say " I am ready to read " then start the reading. When the reading is done I will tell the sitter (( We are complete )).

I do this when I read the tarot. I got the above channeling ritual from watching a channeler who is Esther Hicks who channels a group of beings who calls themselves Abraham.

It sounds crazy, I know..but if you were going to do a reading and have a sense of "realness" to it, you might consider doing something like this..I don't do this when I read palms as these readings are only about 10 to 15 mintues long.

Go to youtube and go to Abraham Hicks and you'll see how this works.

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