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I bought an old book online "Tricks and Magic" 1934 by the famous magician Will L. Lindhorst and found a gem that I've been polishing.  Namely, A Puzzling Number Trick page 31 and though this has been rehashed several time in several ways I've decided to have a go at it.

The existing trick is a bit sterile as it is only numbers on 5 sheets; which follow do you see your number on the page rules.  This one is more mathematical in the derisiveness and simple to do if you know the key.  I changed the numbers to zoo animals and use a mnemonic to recognize the key and their actual choice.  

Instead of asking if they see their animal on the page; sneak a peek at the key for each discard, I have them turn face down the page without their choice.  On the back of each page is text (story about zoo animals) with the number key hidden in plain sight. This way I never see the non-choice animals and don't have to ask (over and over again) is your animal on this page.  Justification for the text (I think justification is always important) is to prevent bleed through of the images on the other side.  Not the best but it does the job.

Now for the reason for this thread.  I'm still not happy with that justification.  Sure the text ties into the theme of the trick but I've added a dead end to a potential story line.  What if... I do the trick with the animals (instantly resets for multiple back to back attemps), use the key on the back of each sheet, and then justify the text on the back by doing a mini- book test.

I know a lot of little ways I could use them: card punch and coin, mathematical forces, etc...
What I would like to do is (within reason) give them a free choice.  I can structure the text as needed and still allow for my key and can layer the effect by providing 3 paragraphs per page (potential of 15 options prior to 'free choice').  I rather not do the pick up 2 and hand one to me approach so that I may repeat without everyone 'choosing' the same page.

Any ideas of where I should look?

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