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I would like to say a pleasant hello to all

This is my my first Post

I live in Rugby, I have always love magic.
ever since a birthday party when a magician tossed all the plain ingredients of a cake into a baking tin eggs hole flash set it on fire and turned out a cake. I think I was 8

well time runs by and I'm now in the summer of life with three good kids with children of their own. so Grandad has decided it's time to learn a card trick or two and a bit of the old school magic and entertain the grand children and friends

2009 I bought some cards and gaff deck but then life got in the way as it does, ill health ect.

well I think it's time to learn more. I'm quite curious about Jason England and his slight of hand, I will look on YouTube and if I find a good trick I will find it on the internet (theory11, illusionist)
I'm trying my hand at Death to the double undercut by Joel Paschall but having trouble moving the first packet and moving to the second packet
I would like to learn some simple coin magic as well

I have mostly bought my cards, magic tricks from USA but hated paying for the shipping usually more than the trick/cards well I've found a magic shop 5 miles on my door step. I'm there most weeks looking for a trick or picking up one I've bought. I am also big in to thread magic I've just received spider Pen pro and Venom from Magie Factory. so it's practice practice o'and more practice.

Anthony Vinson

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Hey, James. Welcome aboard. We're happy to have you and look forward to getting to know you better. This is a wonderful community filled with passionate magicians.

Tom G

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Hi James, welcome.  Jason England is fantastic.  He has a lot of material on moves, but if you get his "At the Table" lecture he discusses a lot of the classics of card magic. 

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Originally Posted by Tom G
Hi James, welcome.  Jason England is fantastic.  He has a lot of material on moves, but if you get his "At the Table" lecture he discusses a lot of the classics of card magic. 

Hi First Ace welcome. Just had to second Tom's recommendation of Jason England's At the Table Lecture it was invaluable to my understanding of at least 3 classic effects.
Rudy Tinoco

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I'm so glad that you found us and that you've joined our community.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Take care,


Mind Phantom

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Welcome to The Magicians Forum !

I do a routine called Maximum Risk in which is Jason England's version of a Darwin Ortiz effect, it's a killer. It can be found in Ortiz's book Scams & Fantasies with Cards.

Anyways, welcome...
Chris M

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Hello from Devon [smile]

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Hello James,


Welcome! I'm from just down the road from you. I grew up in Southam. My family still live there but I'm down in Brighton now. 
You should check out the Leamington Magic Society. They have a 2 day convention every June which is usually great.


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