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Might as well introduce myself, I am the Greatest Card Handler( better than Richard Turner)......OK for serious I'm just some young guy who been doing magic for 5 years as a hobbits. I'm down to watch and/or learn magic(mainly cards). I do perform sometimes, I still got the shakeys. My favorite card guys are Richard Turner, Jon Armstrong, and mainly Ryan Schultz. I have other favorite performs but that's a list on it's own. I mainly join cause of the HaLo project and of Harry himself since I been recently started get to into his stuff. I know "Really!?" still new to the past products and books that are still out there. I am a friendly guy and won't hold back criticism aka if I think you do a move awkwardly I will point out but nicely not like "Man you suck at the [insert move here]" and try to help if I know the move. If I don't I will keep mouth shut. I hope kinda the same back. I hope that's enough and the grammar is good, I'm little tired which effects me on typing.
Tom G

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Welcome aboard.  As for criticisms, as long as they are helpful and not snarky it's allowed.  There's a lot of Harry's thoughts on this board so you can start reading.  With Jon Armstrong being a favorite, check out the lecture he just did for the forum. 
Rudy Tinoco

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Thanks for introducing yourself to us. Welcome to the Magician’s Forum!

You won’t find any trolling here. There are no grammar police. There are no snide comments when an old thread is resurrected (in fact, it’s encouraged). Constructive criticism is given and taken in a spirit of brotherly kindness, humility, and respect.

I hope that you find this place to be much different than other forums.

I look forward to getting to know you better and hope that the HaLo Project will expand your knowledge of Harry Lorayne’s great body of work.


Anthony Vinson

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Hi, Hello, Howdy, and Welcome! Glad you decided to join us and look forward to getting to know you.


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Welcome aboard.

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Welcome. We even like non-humans here. Which is how I got accepted
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