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I've gone from thinking that a pinky count is impossible for any human to perform to the point where I can do it pretty well.

The key to learning this was the following:

1.  Someone suggested that I start with a packet of 10 cards and learn to PC with that packet.  Then add a few cards each day.  This was by far the most important ingredient to my success.

2. I also made sure I practiced almost every day.  Fire up Netflix and sit yourself in front of a Cheers re-run with your deck of cards and start your pinky counting!

3. I made sure I wasn't just trying to PC two cards and then starting over.  I'd instead count 10 or 15 cards, and then "actually count" them to make sure I popped off the right number of cards.  In other words, I might think I PC-ed 10 cards but in fact ended up with 12.

4. Someone in a Saturday Session recommended getting a Gripmaster Pro Edition.  This seemed to help a little, but I think I got one that was too difficult.  I bought the "Extra Heavy" one, which I can indeed squeeze closed, but that's with all my fingers working at once.  I think I should've gotten a much easier one so I could just work my pinky instead.

This should make my DL much better... Are there other uses for the PC that you guys find important?

Anthony Vinson

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Outstanding! Welcome to the club. 

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