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Intensely Magic

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A crummy trick with a great presentation is still a crummy trick with a great presentation.
Rudy Tinoco

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Anyone who is offending you to the degree that you're feeling the need to block them is concerning to me.
Can you please send me a PM?


Anthony Vinson

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The Genii site's administrators are pretty good at keeping the trolls and posers in check. Richard is patient, but firm when it comes to banning users. He generally gives a couple of warnings before cutting them from the herd. Similarly, Rudy has done a good job of keep this forum in check, judiciously eliminating users as necessary and stepping in to nip potential disputes in the bud. 

While neither a critique of TMF in general or Intensely Magic in specific, I have long been a proponent of requiring any message board or forum user to register with and use their real name. Exceptions would, of course, be at the discretion of the owner or mods, but in general there's no reason to hide behind a moniker. Even a clever one. Unless there's that whole WitSec thing, of course, but they should've provided new identities, so...



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So what to make of the edited post? "Edited" as in no longer existent.

It’s certainly titillating. Who’s stirring the pot? Is it me? Handsome all round good chap that I am, I have nonetheless been known to gently chafe some folk from to time. I don’t mind, but it’s nice to know, so I can do it again.

Slightly more seriously (only "slightly" though) if somebody is, or appears to be, trolling, or worse, then isn’t it worth pursuing? This just leaves an air of bafflement.

Moving sideways a bit, how would knowing that "Dandelionwine" or "Potatopeeler" or "SebastianMoran" or "Blathermist" or, dare I say it "Intensely Magic" are pseudonyms be of any use to anyone?
Actually Blathermist is my real name, but, really, so what?

Serious trolls can get past any system if they’re interested and frankly I get far too much rubbish in my inbox as it is, without offering a few more clues. Added to which, my fame is non-existent, so knowing my given name is hardly going to create a queue for autographs.

Rudy and the team are sharp enough enough to have kept the lid on things from day one and, having said that, I also think they haven’t had to work too hard. Disagreements are inevitable, but from what I’ve seen have all been civil.

Maybe what I haven’t seen has been less civil.

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