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I got the call from either the Yellow pages or, the Pennysaver it was a man from the local Masonic Lodge. They wanted some entertainment before putting on a dance for a group of teenagers.

He told me he wanted something "hip", I told him i have a "magic of the mind" show if he was interested. Long story short, I got the booking for 20 mintues for a fee of $100 ( this was around 1990 or so ) when I was about 23 or 24 years old. I arrive at the Lodge to do the show and I brought my Mak magic table with me, which I carried from the car to the Lodge.

And then in a odd moment, I fell on the ground falling on my table, I got up and had a massive bruise under my armpit. It hurt bad but I needed the $100 badly, so I couldn't cancel the show. All of my props were in a bag, I put on a tie just like Kreskin did.

So I get my Mak table set up and got my props out of the bag then about 60 to 75 teenager's came into the hall. I was introduced as a magician of the mind ,so they all looked puzzeled.

So, I go into my set, and the first routine I did was Bob Cassidy's Chronologue, It wen't over really well considering how much pain I was feeling at the time.

The next item I did was Telekinetic Timber/ I used the patter that came with the piece of wood  one of the teen's said he saw me blow the block off the Coke bottle. I  then stood the block up at a angle, and it fell over again, that seemed to shut him up.

Then I did a dealer item by Larry Becker using the different colored Zenner Cards, This went over very big because I got the whole audience to visualize the chosen ESP card.

I did a card trick with a mental theme ( sorry I don't remember the name of it ), then I closed with a newpaper prediction, just like the kind in Mind, Myth & Magick.

Soon as I was done performing, the guy that hired me told me that he was glad that I didn't use cuss words in the show, and that's when they turned the music on.

My whole act consisted of using members of the crowd. What did I learn from this? one- I don't need a flashy type of table to lug around, I can get a normal table at the venue, two-I don't need to do one effect right after the other maybe 3 effects for a 20 min program. With out falling on my table and being in pain.

What was your first show like? Be it mentalism or magic.



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