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Robin Dawes posted quote

“ my fiancé and I.......”

Congratulations Robin.
Anthony Vinson

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Fish, you have interesting taste in recreational reading!

About halfway through A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Stories in our Genes, by Adam Rutherford. Fascinating look at the development of our species using recent discoveries in the science of genetics as a foundation. Not suitable for anyone rejecting evolution theory, but for science geeks it's a sure thing.

Last night I sat up turning pages to finish up Depth of Winter, Craig Johnson's latest in the Walt Longmire series. Over the course of the series Walt Longmire has evolved from the ex-jock, Vietnam veteran with an English major who keeps the peace in Absaroka County, Wyoming, to a real badass. The novels are a bit absurd, but that's okay, they are well-written and engaging. Blathermist, if you are keeping up with this thread, I recommend that you check into the series. While not an homage to Spenser, it is certain that Johnson is a fan of Parker's PI. You might enjoy them!

Also recently finished David Baldacci's latest, Long Road to Mercy. Not the greatest writer, Baldacci is a great storyteller. His characters are bigger than life and the plots almost always reminiscent of the 1970s James Bond plots - heavy conspiracy, scheming organizations, and criminal masterminds. Fund reading! I look forward to his twice-yearly releases.

Mike Powers

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I heard Michael Pollan interviewed on NPR and picked up his recent book, How to Change Your Mind: The New Science of Psychedelics. The interview is worth a listen even if you don't purchase the book. 



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Courtesy of the local public library I currently have on loan the latest Ian Rankin Rebus novel. Titled "In A House Of Lies," it’s the familiar mix of police corruption, cold case murder investigation and Rebus making himself a nuisance. Oh yes, familiar characters, Siobhan Clarke, Malcolm Fox and Morris Cafferty are on hand to help and hinder Rebus. And in turn be helped by and hindered by Rebus. All set in and around the Athens Of The North.

Another fine effort from Rankin.

Robin Dawes

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Books I received for Christmas:

Enlightenment Now, by Steven Pinker
The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O, by Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland
Pacific, by Simon Winchester
Outposts, also by Simon Winchester

Magic books to which I treated myself:

Jack Parker's 52 Memories, by Andi Gladwin
DIY Electronics for the Mystery Worker, by Bruce Barnett
Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge, by himself
After Dinner Technique, by Ken de Courcy

Book I am currently reading:  The Girl in the Spider's Web, by Lagercrantz

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