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Rudy Tinoco

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I'm not a fan of horror movies and haven't seen one in years, but I was doing some studying on the topic of demon possession and came across the story of the Enfield Poltergeist which was the basis for a film called, The Conjuring.

Apparently, Milbourne Christopher was called in to investigate whether or not the paranormal activity was real or not. Interesting!

"Even more skeptical was American magician Milbourne Christopher, who investigated briefly at the house. On one occasion, when Janet claimed she was unable to open the bathroom door to get out, Christopher stated that he could not determine paranormal causality if he could not see an incident. Playfair writes, 'It almost seemed that the poltergeist was out to incriminate her, by producing third-rate phenomena in the presence of a first-rate observer'. Another time, when Janet was sent to her room and the Voice manifested, Christopher slipped upstairs to observe. He saw Janet quietly steal out of her room to peer down the stairs as if to make sure she was not being watched. Seeing Christopher clearly flustered her. Christopher would later conclude that the 'poltergeist' was nothing more than the antics of “a little girl who wanted to cause trouble and who was very, very, clever.” 

You can read all about it here...



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Very cool. My (teenage) sons made me watch the Conjuring movie with them. As horror movies go, it's pretty crappy. Mostly a bunch of stupid jump-scares.

[EDIT: So far only one Conjuring movie, number 2 comes out this year. I was getting it mixed up with the Insidious movies. Same crappy deal! lol]


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Most horror I've seen is pretty much crap.  I did enjoy the Conjuring.  Annabelle, not so much.  I do prefer more psychological horror over the "blood and guts" type.  I'm sorry but there's not much scary about some guy in a hockey mask killing people.  Mike Myers' original mask was a William Shatner mask for cryin out loud!  Although, that mask might actually be scary......
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