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Cardsharps and Con Artists
All things related to gambling, bar bets and other magic related swindles.
738 posts
50 topics
Gambling Routines That Are Virtually Easy To Do..
by luigimar
Memorized Deck
Discussion specific to the memorized deck.
724 posts
54 topics
The C-system
by John Cowne
Packet Tricks
633 posts
48 topics
Still Small, Still Deadly
by Bob Farmer
The moves that make the magic happen.
1921 posts
116 topics
A few of my favorite overhand false shuffles
by rready
Stacked Deck
Card magic that requires a specific order to accomplish the effect. Gambling effects, Gilbreath Principle, etc.
281 posts
23 topics
Harry Lorayne Invented the 101 Deck
by Paco Nagata

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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
The HaLo Project Rudy Tinoco 2,458 39
by EndersGame
Tips on Learning the Mnemonica Stack? Buffalo McKinley 2 2
by Anthony Vinson
The Bloom Gimmick Waterman 256 27
by Evan S.
ACAAN Recommendations? Buffalo McKinley 278 31
by Alan Smithee
Handling cards TomV 384 48
by Alan Smithee
Un-Roughing a deck Bill Guinee 98 11
by pnielan
trying to find the name of a trick TomV 138 16
by TomV
Top 5 Card Moves of 2019 UnbiasedMagicReviews 46 0
by UnbiasedMagicReviews
Performance Table Preferences JohnnyNewYork 205 15
by MagicTK
How do you arrange the tricks you perform? SamtheNotsoMagnificent 260 24
by MagicTK
Charlier Shuffle? Buffalo McKinley 204 21
by Paco Nagata
Black Art in cardistry John Cowne 143 8
by MagicTK
Favorite Card Magic Books Bill Guinee 987 45
by RayJ
TRICS 2019 Jason Ladanye 61 2
by Jason Ladanye
Years Of Practice... Mind Phantom 378 31
by ianmcrawford
Phoenix Decks pnielan 154 9
by RayJ
How to Use Roberto Giobbi's "Card Magic Masterclass"? Buffalo McKinley 153 14
by Harry Lorayne
10 of the Best Self-Working Card Tricks in the World EndersGame 291 11
by maxiyedid
Allowing spectators to handle cards beyond pick a single card ... Comte de Saint Germain 119 5
by Harry Lorayne
Steve Belchou's Aces Paco Nagata 158 14
by Paco Nagata
Hard To Follow.. Mind Phantom 143 12
by Intensely Magic
Joe Barry's Stocaan rready 303 35
by luvisi
Elmsley Count - Cards Sticking Together Buffalo McKinley 232 36
by Rudy Tinoco
When you are about to faro shuffle what do you say? rready 326 29
by Bill Guinee
The Herman Pass - Is It Really Worth the Effort? SamtheNotsoMagnificent 218 35
by Alan Smithee
Dealing With It Anthony Vinson 58 1
by Mike Powers
ACR questions Bill Guinee 246 23
by RayJ
Best Version of Triumph?
1 2 3
KenTheriot 4,401 107
by Paco Nagata
Why You Should Try Self-Working Card Tricks (and: Where to learn them) EndersGame 117 12
by Anthony Vinson
Perfectly Oiled by David Regal Robin Dawes 140 7
by Mike Powers
Which Card Trick Do You Teach Kids? Buffalo McKinley 114 8
by Paco Nagata
Was good to see Asi Wind on Fool Penn & Teller.. JenniferG 200 16
by Michaelblue
trouble on creating routines, and presentation issues INFAME! 227 26
by Alan Smithee
Faro - Now What? Bill Guinee 516 41
by Gareth
Alternatives to a Sharpie? Buffalo McKinley 106 7
by Robin Dawes
Recommendations for Torn and Restored Card? Buffalo McKinley 249 30
by Buffalo McKinley
Reflections arrives on Monday! John Carey 191 16
by John Carey
How to Practice Classic Force? Buffalo McKinley 107 9
by Rudy Tinoco
Mercury Fold Tips? Buffalo McKinley 155 23
by Mike Powers
The Art of Shuffling: An introduction to styles and techniques EndersGame 74 0
by EndersGame
Card/Stack web link Dave Campbell 324 24
by alicauchy
Yet another card location/revelation zarrow52 60 0
by zarrow52
Ideal Mat Color? Buffalo McKinley 137 11
Reflections my new book is coming soon! John Carey 54 0
by John Carey
Is This The End of USPCC Playing Cards? Jason Ladanye 211 9
by RayJ
Bicycle Playing Cards $1.43 per Deck Senor Fabuloso 235 20
by StevePR104
Fake Monarchs? Bulla 126 19
by RayJ
Correct name of this trick: spectator deals to a card matching a card inside sealed envelope EndersGame 212 22
by EndersGame
Breather Crimp for Lie Detector? Buffalo McKinley 268 24
by RayJ
Steve Reynolds False Shuffles Rudy Tinoco 76 1
by RayJ
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