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Cardsharps and Con Artists
All things related to gambling, bar bets and other magic related swindles.
739 posts
48 topics
Scarne's Aces
by Robert McGee
Memorized Deck
Discussion specific to the memorized deck.
729 posts
54 topics
Pegs for the Memorized Deck
by Steve Malco
Packet Tricks
620 posts
48 topics
Unknown packet trick
by Dave
The moves that make the magic happen.
1912 posts
116 topics
The Terrible Hindu Shuffle Force!
by RayJ
Stacked Deck
Card magic that requires a specific order to accomplish the effect. Gambling effects, Gilbreath Principle, etc.
275 posts
22 topics
Favorite Effects Using The Gilbreath Principal..
by MagickDon

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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
The HaLo Project Rudy Tinoco 2,082 39
by EndersGame
Card/Stack web link Dave Campbell 43 2
by Craig Alan
Unknown Revelation magicfish 14 0
by magicfish
Old Is New Again - "Victoria" Teach-in Rudy Tinoco 80 4
by Rudy Tinoco
Rounded Corner Punch which matches Bicycle cards perfectly JenniferG 168 13
by Robert McGee
Faro shuffling into a stack from NDO. Jack Bear 63 5
by Mike Powers
David Blaine Card Magic on This Morning show. JenniferG 373 49
by JenniferG
Ascanio Spread Advice Bill Guinee 76 6
by Lucas Maillard
Setup for HaLo Aces Jon Lapomardo 134 11
by Jon Lapomardo
Finishing Liquid / Sealer for Handmade Playing Cards? JenniferG 46 4
by Mbreggar
Old Is New Again - "Cards of Cairo" Teach-In Rudy Tinoco 185 18
by RayJ
How to Perform Card Tricks That Require a Table When on the Street or Walking Around? Buffalo McKinley 98 12
by Buffalo McKinley
Old Is New Again "Victoria" (Demo) Rudy Tinoco 77 5
by arthur stead
Dental Dam for Gimmick Cards JenniferG 62 2
by Evan S.
Another Asi Wind Card Trick.. what the heck! JenniferG 74 3
by Anthony Vinson
Card tricks where torn off corners match.. JenniferG 89 12
by Dave Campbell
Book recommendation Bladen 153 10
by Wayne T
Just made up a trick with Omni Deck JenniferG 42 1
by Tom G
Old Is New Again "Cards of Cairo" (Demo) Rudy Tinoco 55 5
by rready
A quick video of a card effect idea Bladen 62 6
by RayJ
DIY Smeared 3 Spades Gaff Card JenniferG 52 3
by Robin Dawes
Card Wallet to Hold Gaff Cards JenniferG 92 9
by Mbreggar
Splitting Cards ParaSailor 248 27
by Blathermist
"Easy Prediction" from HaLo Project Volume 3 Rudy Tinoco 71 3
by Rudy Tinoco
Old Is New Again - "New Infallible Prediction" Rudy Tinoco 55 6
by chris w
Jerry's Nuggets a favorite of card magicians - reprinted by EPCC MagicOrthodoxy 226 32
by Anthony Vinson
1000 Custom Decks from US Playing Card Company JenniferG 38 4
by RayJ
Anyone use these decks Stripper/Svengali JenniferG 104 11
by Intensely Magic
Looking for a wallet Bladen 155 17
by Gareth
“Triple Take” from The HaLo Project Vol. 3 Rudy Tinoco 93 2
by Rudy Tinoco
Your Favorite Books On Magic Theory
1 2
Mind Phantom 1,011 82
by Robert McGee
Diagonal Palm Shift Tips? Buffalo McKinley 171 15
by Robert McGee
The Detroit Drop Mike Powers 58 2
by RayJ
B'Wave Reno 461 41
by Bob Farmer
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 Waterman 136 5
by rready
Old Is New Again "Master Location" Rudy Tinoco 167 9
by Dave Campbell
Ted Annemann's Ultra Find Fortunato Luchresi 247 7
by Blathermist
An idea for an 'Impossible Location' effect. (WIP) Jack Bear 119 2
by Anthony Vinson
PM Principle MagicTK 79 2
by MagicTK
Faro Shuffle Simulator MagicTK 95 5
by alicauchy
Best of Friends - Vol 1 (Limited Qty Available!) Rudy Tinoco 346 23
by rready
Re:Reswindled Cardsharperimage 58 1
by rready
How Can I Improve My Double-Lift? Buffalo McKinley 137 3
by Buffalo McKinley
Envelopes for Small Stack of Cards? Buffalo McKinley 108 11
by Reno
"Overcast" by Trini Montes Rudy Tinoco 108 7
by RayJ
“Image Maker” by Frank Zak Rudy Tinoco 129 7
by rready
Clever Card Magic by Paul Hallas Robin Dawes 97 4
by Robin Dawes
Any ideas for a good card trick using a deck with cards from 52 different custom decks? EndersGame 270 17
by Harrisgagnon
Tips on Top Change? Buffalo McKinley 299 22
by Buffalo McKinley
Paint It Blank EndersGame 74 2
by RayJ
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