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Cardsharps and Con Artists
All things related to gambling, bar bets and other magic related swindles.
727 posts
49 topics
The REAL Reason Casinos Use Shuffle Machines..
by RayJ
Memorized Deck
Discussion specific to the memorized deck.
721 posts
54 topics
Pegs for the Memorized Deck
by Steve Malco
Packet Tricks
633 posts
48 topics
Still Small, Still Deadly
by Bob Farmer
The moves that make the magic happen.
1905 posts
116 topics
Dry hands
by Stevie Ray Christian
Stacked Deck
Card magic that requires a specific order to accomplish the effect. Gambling effects, Gilbreath Principle, etc.
279 posts
23 topics
Favourite poetic, rhythmical, story effects
by Sibex

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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
The HaLo Project Rudy Tinoco 2,407 39
by EndersGame
Yet another card location/revelation zarrow52 7 0
by zarrow52
Favorite Card Magic Books Bill Guinee 422 21
by zarrow52
Ideal Mat Color? Buffalo McKinley 114 11
Reflections my new book is coming soon! John Carey 46 0
by John Carey
Is This The End of USPCC Playing Cards? Jason Ladanye 187 9
by RayJ
Bicycle Playing Cards $1.43 per Deck Senor Fabuloso 212 20
by StevePR104
Fake Monarchs? Bulla 117 19
by RayJ
Correct name of this trick: spectator deals to a card matching a card inside sealed envelope EndersGame 199 22
by EndersGame
Breather Crimp for Lie Detector? Buffalo McKinley 243 24
by RayJ
Steve Reynolds False Shuffles Rudy Tinoco 56 1
by RayJ
How 2 Hide the ID Discrepancy. Senor Fabuloso 204 17
by Chris Karim
Elmsley Count - Cards Sticking Together Buffalo McKinley 186 34
by RayJ
How do you arrange the tricks you perform? SamtheNotsoMagnificent 159 19
by John Cowne
Trick by Rufus Steele//Old Is New Again Rudy Tinoco 163 7
by Dave Campbell
Lucky You by Michal Kociolek rready 193 13
by rready
Getting custom gaff cards or decks printed by Shuffled Ink - a review EndersGame 102 1
by RayJ
"An Instinct for Cards" & "Mirror of the Mind" Khabaled 100 3
by RayJ
Accessories for the Playing Card Enthusiast EndersGame 81 5
by Senor Fabuloso
Flying Aces Sonny Jim 242 22
by RayJ
Help Me Choose My Next Card Trick.... Buffalo McKinley 291 25
by Harry Lorayne
Bicycle playing card quality Jason Ladanye 393 30
by chris w
Magician's & Skepticism..
1 2
Mind Phantom 386 64
by John Cowne
Color Changing Deck Bill Guinee 227 27
by RayJ
The 'No Gaff' Instant Revelation From Aaron Fisher Senor Fabuloso 76 2
by RayJ
Who Is The Most Talented Cardman That You Have Seen In Person?
1 2
Mind Phantom 703 57
by Kike C.
Beginning an act from a new sealed deck JohnnyNewYork 175 27
by Dave Campbell
Magic duet close-up question Kike C. 136 13
by Kike C.
Allen Kennedy Centers and more... Jason Ladanye 40 0
by Jason Ladanye
Card/Stack web link Dave Campbell 232 18
by PressureFan
Free from Trickshop. Senor Fabuloso 81 1
by Rudy Tinoco
Together Forever RayJ 51 2
by RayJ
Recommended Resources for Beginners in Card Magic EndersGame 192 13
by chris w
Are you reaching your goals? Jason Ladanye 167 11
by Senor Fabuloso
Plasti Dip Frank Zak 250 22
by Bizzaro
Best Angle for The Classic Pass while Standing? Buffalo McKinley 87 8
by Buffalo McKinley
Timely Departure by John Bannon Socrates 469 30
by Ferry Gerats
Marlo Effects Mike Powers 178 13
by trinimontes
Free Woody Aragon card show download chris w 74 3
by chris w
How to Get Started in Card Magic EndersGame 95 5
by RayJ
The Pinky Break RayJ 96 9
by RayJ
Faro - Now What? Bill Guinee 306 29
by culldavid
A Roy Walton trick rready 79 11
by jim ferguson
Triplocation- Lorayne magicfish 118 2
by magicfish
Vocations of non professional card persons?!
1 2 3
Barrett S 999 116
by Dustin White
Familiar Face Robin Dawes 54 1
by Anthony Vinson
The Cartamundi Brand: USPCC's competition and now their new owner EndersGame 231 24
by RayJ
Invisible Deck DIY JenniferG 170 18
by Anthony Vinson
Splitting Cards Rudy Tinoco 356 39
by RayJ
The Cartamundi Decks: A comparison between their popular finishes EndersGame 37 2
by Robin Dawes
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