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Cardsharps and Con Artists
All things related to gambling, bar bets and other magic related swindles.
706 posts
48 topics
Scarne's Aces
by Robert McGee
Memorized Deck
Discussion specific to the memorized deck.
721 posts
54 topics
Pegs for the Memorized Deck
by Steve Malco
Packet Tricks
623 posts
48 topics
ESPecially Wild
by RayJ
The moves that make the magic happen.
1879 posts
116 topics
The Terrible Hindu Shuffle Force!
by RayJ
Stacked Deck
Card magic that requires a specific order to accomplish the effect. Gambling effects, Gilbreath Principle, etc.
269 posts
22 topics
Favorite Effects Using The Gilbreath Principal..
by MagickDon

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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Gaff Playing Card Decks DJ 225 22
by Rudy Tinoco
Stickman Bob Jimmysmagic1970 105 6
by Bob Farmer
Magician's wax and playing cards SpareTopChange 76 5
by Jimmysmagic1970
Chop Shop by John Bannon diemaker 140 8
by diemaker
Faro Felon from Pabular - Need Help Rudy Tinoco 102 7
by Mike Powers
Where Did This Come From? - "For The First Time....." KenTheriot 159 15
by KenTheriot
The Greatest Card Book Of All Time.. Mind Phantom 292 15
by magicfish
Card Handling Style Chris M 104 8
by Chris M
Estimation Effects.. Mind Phantom 298 23
by Rudy Tinoco
Marked cards book/DVD ideas Chris M 67 6
by kkaiser343
Faro shuffle Harrisgagnon 229 24
by Harrisgagnon
My New Favorite Quick Trick KenTheriot 205 11
by Axel
Bob Hummer Buried treasure Tapioka 326 8
by shakuni
JawDroppers Two rready 145 2
by Rudy Tinoco
Favorite Deck of cards JoshTheMagician 351 32
by Magicmason
Cardistry Trainers? KenTheriot 122 15
by KenTheriot
Name of the Trick Unf0und 184 7
by Mike Powers
Malone Meets Marlo Robin Dawes 358 22
by Chi Han
Self-working or automatic/semi-automatic card tricks? 490 30
by JustChico
Video of John Scarne doing card sleights Chi Han 228 11
by diemaker
Tom Gagnon at the Genii Convention Tom G 179 9
by Will Jung
I fooled myself with it!
1 2
Unfinished Sentenc 701 50
by diemaker
What Shuffle For Harry's Startler? KenTheriot 53 6
by KenTheriot
Rudy at Ridgewalker Brewing Rudy Tinoco 91 2
by Ben Morris-Rains
JawDroppers Two Contest Rudy Tinoco 824 42
by culldavid
The Observation Test (RRTCM) Dave 91 2
by Dave
Index for Secrets of Brother John Hamman Robin Dawes 269 15
by MagicTK
Elmsley: All Backs With Aces ErdnaseVernon 128 9
by James Sievert
New Vid: Paul Gordon's Travelling Light from Article 52 Paul Gordon 96 4
by Paul Gordon
Vic Trabucco on Paul Gordon Paul Gordon 88 4
by ErdnaseVernon
Front Cover Killer from Apocalypse Paul Gordon 54 3
by Harry Lorayne
Eight of Diamonds Trick Paul Gordon 108 3
by Paul Gordon
Basic Card Technique by Anthony Norman Intensely Magic 154 2
by alexandercrawford
Apocalypse rready 279 17
by alexandercrawford
Card Spread/Fan Routine MagicTK 39 0
by MagicTK
The Spread When You Ask A Spectator To Choose A Card? KenTheriot 313 36
by Steven Youell
Deck of All Same Card? KenTheriot 68 7
by Chi Han
Your Favorite Story Effects Mind Phantom 188 14
by Livaudais
Dr. Strangetrick by Michael Close? KenTheriot 247 19
by KenTheriot
Giobbi Ambitious Card Routine? KenTheriot 132 6
by KenTheriot
Card Magic History Question KenTheriot 214 18
by Rudy Tinoco
Tricks with just the 4 Aces Ferry Gerats 269 25
by Cardshark Quixote
Clarification of Leipzig's Opener? KenTheriot 115 7
by HexTheDoombunny
Jen Kramer card magic/ Dr.Magic 136 13
by alexandercrawford
The Trick That Cannot Be Explained. Waterman 495 26
by alexandercrawford
Card Through Dinero (Card Through Bill) My New Release: Ben Morris-Rains 41 2
by fredreisz
Cross-Eyed Jacks AlexStrand 127 7
by AlexStrand
My New Monograph is Available! Steven Youell 265 12
by Axel
Annemann's Card Magic Socrates 369 25
by Magic-Aly
I have a move published in the August 2017 Genii Magazine: Ben Morris-Rains 115 12
by Rudy Tinoco
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