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Cardsharps and Con Artists
All things related to gambling, bar bets and other magic related swindles.
706 posts
48 topics
Scarne's Aces
by Robert McGee
Memorized Deck
Discussion specific to the memorized deck.
721 posts
54 topics
Pegs for the Memorized Deck
by Steve Malco
Packet Tricks
623 posts
48 topics
ESPecially Wild
by RayJ
The moves that make the magic happen.
1879 posts
116 topics
The Terrible Hindu Shuffle Force!
by RayJ
Stacked Deck
Card magic that requires a specific order to accomplish the effect. Gambling effects, Gilbreath Principle, etc.
269 posts
22 topics
Favorite Effects Using The Gilbreath Principal..
by MagickDon

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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Opinion on Poker Players Picnic MagicCat 448 26
by Deckster
Dictionary Test Found in Blackstone Book Seneca77 46 1
by magicfish
What is fanning powder Magicwoman 105 7
by John Johnson
Favorite Decks Robert Parris 296 28
Not playing with a full deck! zarrow52 47 3
by zarrow52
BLACKSTONE in My Pocket (Peter Duffie) zarrow52 53 1
by magicfish
Are There Videos For Card College 3? KenTheriot 125 9
by Steven Youell
Houdini Casts a Spell magicfish 59 3
by Mr. Danny
"Calculated Cut" - Fulves marc_carrion 267 5
by zarrow52
Decisions-Nicolas Pierri at Nontricks web site rready 156 5
by Rudy Tinoco
Marlo's Double Brainwave Update Michaelblue 104 6
by Michaelblue
Jumping card Charlie 161 6
by Mr. Danny
"Spelleroyale" - Max Maven Rudy Tinoco 352 15
by Paul Hallas
Phantom Prediction Paul Hallas 303 3
by Waterman
Back To The Future Packet Paul Hallas 285 8
by magicfish
impossible card foldings Helder Sousa 193 6
by SpareTopChange
Giant Card Trick? KenTheriot 47 2
by KenTheriot
My Number, Your Card Socrates 221 5
by AlexStrand
Semi-self working category marc_carrion 294 20
by Mr. Danny
"Pushover" by Steve Dusheck Chessmann 385 21
by Chessmann
Help with the "Dice Force" obrienmagic 72 2
by obrienmagic
Reading on card magic history Barrett S 54 2
by Barrett S
Periodicals or electronic media solely devoted to card magic and cards... Barrett S 181 12
by Barrett S
Torn and Restored Card Jabs Mckee 540 48
by X
Does the effect always outweigh the method?
1 2
Paul 636 89
by Rudy Tinoco
Bannon's Vicious Rumors SpareTopChange 260 4
by Michaelblue
Derren Brown - Devil's Picturebook Rudy Tinoco 472 14
by X
Effects by Rene Lavand Rudy Tinoco 161 14
by Rudy Tinoco
Lorayne Force Open Prediction magicfish 218 1
by Michaelblue
Switchcraft Outdone Charlie 73 2
by Socrates
Mental Vibrations Socrates 40 2
by Socrates
Looking for name of 5 as 4 False Count EVILDAN 88 1
by Rudy Tinoco
The Missing Card Was In MY Pocket Gerald Deutsch 32 1
by Rudy Tinoco
Follow your Card Socrates 332 8
by Claudio
A Dime A Dozen- Randy Wakeman magicfish 258 8
by magicfish
A couple of my favs... Rudy Tinoco 328 19
by magicfish
Dirty Tactics - The Devil's Staircase Mats Kjellstrom 189 19
by Claudio
[Help] Looking for the name/creator of a particular routine. AlexStrand 53 5
by Jdip
Two Card Trick Michaelblue 273 16
by Michaelblue
Steve Freeman - CATO Principle Rudy Tinoco 423 16
by luigimar
"Buckle Up" from Scarne's Tricks Rudy Tinoco 123 3
by Socrates
"Leap of Fake" by Max Maven Rudy Tinoco 296 9
by Socrates
"Psychological Force" by Hugh Riley Craig Logan 101 5
by Socrates
Intro for "Panic" by Aaron Fisher Rudy Tinoco 67 1
by Michaelblue
Invisible Card in Card College vol. 3 MikeBeaudet 261 24
by damianjennings
Better use for NFW (in my opinion) MatthewOlsen 107 6
by Rudy Tinoco
The Phoenix Four luigimar 85 6
by Dave Berkompas
Tic Tac - Paul Harris and Eric Mead EVILDAN 58 1
by Michaelblue
Ed's magic site Claudio 281 5
by Rudy Tinoco
Uniflection MatthewOlsen 342 7
by Rudy Tinoco
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