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In the News/Announcements
News that affects the world, your country our magic...
2182 posts
237 topics
MInd Pieces by Paul Hallas
by Anthony Vinson
Information about past, present, and future lectures.
920 posts
50 topics
Andi Gladwin on The Can-Am Conjuring Lecture Series
by Evan S.
The Saturday Sessions
Every other Saturday afternoon, members of the Magician's Forum gather to exchange thoughts and ideas about magic.
1308 posts
66 topics
Saturday Session - Christmas Edition
by Rudy Tinoco
The Showroom
A place for members of the Magian's Forum to demonstrate magic.
801 posts
73 topics
"Apocalypse Now" Stephen Tucker
by Mbreggar
Who's Who
Share thoughts or announcements regarding your favorite magicians and their contributions to the art of magic.
1197 posts
115 topics
Harry Monti
by RayJ

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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Interview: Thoughts on playing cards from legendary magician Harry Lorayne EndersGame 274 4
by Mbreggar
Stringent Criteria Bill Guinee 215 34
by Waterman
Advice for Beginner Magicians beginer5780 135 16
by Harry Lorayne
More rip-off sites... Dave Campbell 287 19
by RayJ
Setting the tone? RayJ 140 15
by RayJ
Fun Mike Powers 128 7
by Stevie Ray
Anyone going to Magifest? Bill Guinee 80 6
by Rudy Tinoco
Video I made counting down/analysing my Top 4 Favourite Magicians HarleyBlazeItSon 28 0
by HarleyBlazeItSon
Perverse Magic
1 2
Gerald Deutsch 842 50
by Gerald Deutsch
On honoring our inheritance of mystery (a bit of a ramble) chris w 141 18
by Deckster
Sad news Mike Powers 191 16
by JohnnyNewYork
Roomie needed for MagiFest 2020 Mike Powers 43 0
by Mike Powers
Typical Magician Personality Type? John Cowne 232 41
by Alan Smithee
Psychology of Surprise Endings podcast Bill Guinee 56 5
by RayJ
Johnny Ace Palmer's wife killed in a drunk car accident - thoughts go out MagicOrthodoxy 105 2
by RayJ
What are your magic goals for 2020? chris w 387 40
by Dave Campbell
Apocalypse, Minataur, Magic Menu, Richard's Almanac Mike Powers 132 5
by Mike Powers
Mike Powers At The Table -- Available Dave Campbell 144 6
by Mike Powers
I Went to a Real Magic Store Yesterday SamtheNotsoMagnificent 116 6
by RayJ
Philadelphia Magic StevePR104 72 4
by RayJ
Magic character ianmcrawford 97 5
by ianmcrawford
Magician's Forum Linking Ring Parade?
1 2
Rudy Tinoco 616 52
by Paco Nagata
Looking for soda can effect Zuku 130 11
by Paco Nagata
"How Did You Do That?!"
1 2
Mind Phantom 599 54
Michael Ammar started it, Mike Powers finished it --- Dave Campbell 100 2
by markd2990
December Christmas Giveaways - on my youtube chanel MagicOrthodoxy 80 4
by MagicOrthodoxy
I Hit The Christmas Motherload Intensely Magic 191 10
by MagikDon
What trick or sleight are you practicing at the moment? AlexStrand 455 45
by RayJ
Helge Thun Video RayJ 130 10
by RayJ
Holiday Performances Waterman 27 0
by Waterman
Mastery Mike Powers 235 29
by Paco Nagata
Hippity-Hop Rabbits John Cowne 109 8
by Mike Powers
Watch This Video RayJ 115 7
by Paco Nagata
Just a fun observation. RayJ 92 11
by RayJ
Happy Birthday... Axel 109 11
by luigimar
A legitimate question RayJ 146 15
by Anthony Vinson
RIP Simon Aronson luigimar 258 16
by pnielan
BBM Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol 4 - Michael Breggar Dave Campbell 79 4
by Rudy Tinoco
Combinig Classics: EGG BAG and CUPS AND BALLS Waterman 65 9
by Bill Guinee
1 2
Mike Powers 384 54
by RayJ
New Dice Tricks Mike Powers 84 6
by Dave Campbell
Food For Thought RayJ 136 12
by Alan Smithee
Penn & Teller Mike Powers 446 10
by Tom G
Sorta kinda proud of myself SamtheNotsoMagnificent 104 9
by RayJ
Rocky Raccoon, D'Lites, and The Fire Wallet. Waterman 44 4
by Waterman
Magic & Power Quote sjrwheeler 53 4
by Mike Powers
Reel Magic Rudy Tinoco 376 25
by kozmo
Book by Paco Nagata Tom G 340 22
by Paco Nagata
Where do you put everything? John Cowne 87 9
by Robin Dawes
New Equivoque eBook from Jon Racherbaumer Dave Campbell 33 0
by Dave Campbell
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