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In the News/Announcements
News that affects the world, your country our magic...
1953 posts
215 topics
Portland Magic Jam 2020
by Axel
Information about past, present, and future lectures.
886 posts
49 topics
Steve Reynolds Interview and Lecture!
by SReynolds
The Saturday Sessions
Every other Saturday afternoon, members of the Magician's Forum gather to exchange thoughts and ideas about magic.
1245 posts
64 topics
Saturday Session (9/14) at 2pm (Pacific)
by Anthony Vinson
The Showroom
A place for members of the Magian's Forum to demonstrate magic.
665 posts
59 topics
Variation of “Queens’ Tour” by Hippie Torrales
by Mike Powers
Who's Who
Share thoughts or announcements regarding your favorite magicians and their contributions to the art of magic.
1109 posts
106 topics
Jules Lenier
by Dorian Rhodell

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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Interview: Thoughts on playing cards from legendary magician Harry Lorayne EndersGame 241 4
by Mbreggar
Max Maven reviews Paul Hallas - IN 1990!!! Mbreggar 30 0
by Mbreggar
The Rip-offs and pirating continue... but in a new, insidious way Mbreggar 284 21
by RayJ
Writing a Novel and in Need of the Perfect Trick Shane.Klink 154 22
by arthur stead
MagiFax The Mage 68 6
by The Mage
Conjurer's Wisdom Robin Dawes 278 20
by Senor Fabuloso
A perspective on audience management Waterman 133 11
by RayJ
Hobbies (other than Magic) of The Magician's Forum members
1 2 3
AlexStrand 1,602 115
by DJ
Never say this when teaching magic to children... GregMcMahan 168 5
by Gerald Deutsch
What Impresses Laypeople ? Mind Phantom 416 28
by John Cowne
Real Magick?
1 2
Rudy Tinoco 534 69
by Anthony Vinson
When Is Enough Magic Enough ? Mind Phantom 327 24
by RayJ
The Importance of being Magical. Gareth 132 8
by RayJ
Razor Wallet Sibex 22 0
by Sibex
Reminder about a great resource RayJ 48 2
by Mike Powers
A Question about making something disappear. SamtheNotsoMagnificent 108 15
by Michaelblue
This weekend... Axel 203 16
by Axel
Great opportunity to help out the community and receive free magic :) Bulla 142 11
by chris w
Book by Paco Nagata Tom G 228 16
by Tom G
Magician's Forum Linking Ring Parade? Rudy Tinoco 436 39
by Mbreggar
A Couple Comments Dave Campbell 127 6
by Robin Dawes
ARTURO BRACHETTI awarded with David Devant Award for Services to International Magic 20 1
by Craig Alan
Matt Baker's "The Buena Vista Shuffle Club" reprinted Dave Campbell 77 4
by Dave Campbell
Magic Tricks for 25 cents! Nate Smith 44 0
by Nate Smith
Reel Magic Rudy Tinoco 178 9
by kozmo
Greater Magic Sibex 78 3
by Sibex
Couldn’t wait until next weekend Gareth 128 6
by Anthony Vinson StevePR104 198 12
by SamtheNotsoMagnificent
Vanishing Inc. Blog Posting Robin Dawes 68 3
by RayJ
Anybody worked with Irving Quant's "Distribution Technique"? Dave Campbell 64 5
by Gareth
It's just sad RayJ 211 14
by RayJ
Gaining Confidence Nate Smith 185 23
by RayJ
The Photographic Deck Mike Powers 38 0
by Mike Powers
Over 20 years old but still relevant. Senor Fabuloso 60 2
by Rudy Tinoco
Interview w/Allan Ackerman & Old Is New Again Rudy Tinoco 228 13
by Mike Powers
Now free for a limited time: Roberto Giobbi’s Introduction to Card Magic (150 page e-book) EndersGame 187 10
by EndersGame
The Difference Between Tricksters & Magicians. Senor Fabuloso 134 5
by Don Podlas
Trics Convention Paul Hallas 71 6
by Anthony Vinson
An Artist Mike Powers 155 23
by RayJ
Indianapolis Bill Guinee 39 1
by MagikDon
With magic in mind Socrates 118 17
by RayJ
MagiFest 2020 hosted by Vanishnig Inc // Columbus Ohio MagicOrthodoxy 68 4
by Mike Powers
Effects best left at home RayJ 180 18
by Robin Dawes
First Magic Book Recommendation?
1 2
JenniferG 682 63
by JenniferG
Magic Shops in Vegas Nate Smith 67 9
by Nate Smith
Magic pic of the day
1 2 3
Dorian Rhodell 1,416 123
by luigimar
Magic for the Blind Bill Guinee 48 4
by Gareth
What Is The Magic Scene Like in Your Area? Mind Phantom 177 16
by RayJ
Effects you'd just as soon forget RayJ 117 4
by RayJ
Name Two Things What Makes For Good Magic.. Mind Phantom 150 12
by RayJ
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