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In the News/Announcements
News that affects the world, your country our magic...
1813 posts
197 topics
Rudy on Reel Magic Magazine
by kozmo
Information about past, present, and future lectures.
873 posts
48 topics
Frank Zak Lecture this Saturday!!!
by BarronOfMagic
The Saturday Sessions
Every other Saturday afternoon, members of the Magician's Forum gather to exchange thoughts and ideas about magic.
1213 posts
63 topics
Saturday Session - Hollywood Edition!
by Wayne T
The Showroom
A place for members of the Magian's Forum to demonstrate magic.
626 posts
55 topics
Advice needed on Magic Performance
by Tom G
Who's Who
Share thoughts or announcements regarding your favorite magicians and their contributions to the art of magic.
1090 posts
103 topics
Cameron Francis
by Don Sykora

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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
"How Did You Do That?!" Mind Phantom 334 31
by ianmcrawford
The value of sessioning ianmcrawford 77 2
by jim ferguson
Christmas Magic? Rudy Tinoco 154 11
by tommyellison
Attracted To Magic At A Very Young Age.. Mind Phantom 124 12
by Jake07712
Close Up bag on Amazon Mike Powers 86 2
by Mike Powers
Breaking Loops Jabs Mckee 62 6
by synapse
What Kind of Handkerchief? KenTheriot 168 20
by jim ferguson
Daryl's Rope routine MatthewOlsen 384 42
by Geoff Weber
Those beautifully constructed routines.... JohnnyNewYork 253 17
by Harry Lorayne
When did "magician's choice" become "equivoque" Intensely Magic 321 16
by Robin Dawes
Get 'em while you can! Paul Hallas 137 7
Michael Vincent - My Favourite Magic Books Gareth 234 12
by ErdnaseVernon
Santa's Lists Gareth 134 14
by GreenKnight33
Performers and "Personas" JohnnyNewYork 56 6
by Magic-Aly
Getting started in Magic... andymakar 87 8
by Luis Sirgado
Ball Manipulation? KenTheriot 85 10
by Gareth
Unexpected Spectator Reactions Gerald Deutsch 129 10
by Alan
Just Knowing the Secret Michaelblue 286 31
by alexandercrawford
The Book "Sleights of Mind" KenTheriot 229 17
by alexandercrawford
My first kids show! nodnoah 113 17
by Robin Dawes
Magicians: Life in the Impossible - Trailer yourepiphany 31 0
by yourepiphany
David Blaine - Beyond Magic Rudy Tinoco 96 4
by Rudy Tinoco
Human Aquarium - David Blaine Rudy Tinoco 576 15
by Liam57
Harlan's Starcle John.W.Stevens 136 7
by Luis Sirgado
Speech to Song Illusion Rudy Tinoco 47 3
by Socrates
School Theater Project help??? 7ofSpades 33 10
by Rudy Tinoco
The business of showbusiness Socrates 86 9
by Paul Gordon
Can anybody help me figure out how this trick was performed? Unexplained 188 20
by Unexplained
Thoughts On this Trick? KenTheriot 81 7
by Robin Dawes
Suggestions For One More Rope (or Another Platform) Trick? KenTheriot 159 20
by AKman
Advice for Beginner Magicians beginer5780 82 10
Scribd Michaelblue 226 20
by Chi Han
Never Being Good Enough Chi Han 96 7
Card Tricks on the Big Bang Theory Chi Han 63 4
Kurtz, Daortiz, Wilson etc. Socrates 38 4
by Michaelblue
Timing as psychology Gerald Deutsch 126 10
by Joey Ace
Strolling... Socrates 100 6
Halloween Magic EVILDAN 157 18
by magicfish
Private Lessons w/Dorian Rhodell Dorian Rhodell 114 6
by yourepiphany
Jason England, What to Read? luigimar 131 10
by Socrates
Just added to my collection Rudy Tinoco 131 7
by wbausert
Being Creative.. Mind Phantom 218 14
by Socrates
Doug and the Eskimos Socrates 79 4
by Socrates
Getting primitive Socrates 60 3
by Anthony Vinson
Why? Intensely Magic 174 12
by Tom G
One man show viamagus 76 5
How do you come back from this? (old David Williamson video) Chi Han 101 7
by Paul Hallas
Using Magic In Unexpected Ways Gerald Deutsch 87 1
by Anthony Vinson
How did you start learning magic? Chi Han 119 11
by Harry Lorayne
Orgasm of Astonishment Ferry Gerats 62 1
by Rudy Tinoco
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