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In the News/Announcements
News that affects the world, your country our magic...
2038 posts
219 topics
Dani DaOrtiz is coming to Melbourne
by Chi Han
Information about past, present, and future lectures.
910 posts
49 topics
Steve Reynolds Interview and Lecture!
by Tom G
The Saturday Sessions
Every other Saturday afternoon, members of the Magician's Forum gather to exchange thoughts and ideas about magic.
1245 posts
64 topics
Saturday Session (9/14) at 2pm (Pacific)
by Anthony Vinson
The Showroom
A place for members of the Magian's Forum to demonstrate magic.
666 posts
60 topics
"Pseudometry" by Terry LaGerould
by Rudy Tinoco
Who's Who
Share thoughts or announcements regarding your favorite magicians and their contributions to the art of magic.
1148 posts
109 topics
Vintage Video
by Gunston

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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Close up strolling for Visually-impaired audience... tommyellison 65 15
by Mr. Danny
Shhh damianjennings 189 13
by Deckster
Just had fun with a spectator using and impromptu version of 'Startler' from Jaw Droppers! Chi Han 75 6
by the fritz
Changing the Focus Steven Youell 131 8
by Steven Youell
1 2
Rudy Tinoco 467 79
by Socrates
Apollo Robbins Socrates 119 5
by Charlie
THIS BOOK SYNDROME - possible cure for the "next" book syndrome
1 2
EVILDAN 584 56
by MikeIkirt
New Magic Video for Your Enjoyment Brandon Lawrence 88 5
by James Sievert
Performing at Haunted Attractions EVILDAN 90 8
by Barry Allen
I used to hang out with David Copperfield....sort of. EVILDAN 269 15
by Bomber
Last nights reactions... Waterman 78 9
by mark lewis
The Lists Waterman 129 6
by Mr. Danny
Conjuring in Art magicfish 7,080 5
by Mr. Danny
Webcam recommendations Claudio 61 6
by Mr. Danny
Looks like The Magic Cafe did a vanishing act. Russ 246 14
by mark lewis
Castle Notebooks Larry Cook 173 9
by MikeIkirt
App to organize your Magic Johnnymagic 124 10
by Bomber
Glitches with forum? damianjennings 39 1
by Rudy Tinoco
Book Rescources for Restaurant Magicians Brandon Lawrence 256 25
by zhrollofan
Not magic, but... damianjennings 31 2
by Kingman
Psychology in Magic Socrates 445 45
by Mr. Danny
Genii magazine sold? zhrollofan 154 6
by StevePR104
Magic being 'not cool'
1 2
Robert Parris 343 51
by mark lewis
Chan Canasta Socrates 70 3
by mark lewis
Miracle effects? Socrates 348 46
by mark lewis
Gig Review Waterman 87 14
"Change Blindness" and Magic Rudy Tinoco 91 1
by MorrisCH
It's not magic, but it's magical damianjennings 36 1
by Rudy Tinoco
"Hearts" by Jansenson Rudy Tinoco 49 1
by AlexStrand
Practice Charlie 293 40
by mark lewis
Magic w/ Flash Paper Rudy Tinoco 118 15
by Mats Kjellstrom
Restaurant Magicians in Your Neck of the Woods. Waterman 680 8
by Magic-Aly
Math Magic - a video Mats Kjellstrom 42 2
by Rudy Tinoco
Most Magical Moment? Rudy Tinoco 185 31
by Rudy Tinoco
How Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser and Dustin Hoffman can help your magic... Lifeoftheqc 200 13
by Craig Logan
"Indirect" methods SpareTopChange 317 43
by mark lewis
Any in-transit actions to share? Chi Han 152 14
by eusbanger
Always ask the parents before you give out candy Chi Han 68 9
by eusbanger
A perspective with exposure. Waterman 187 17
by Paul Long
When Luck is Your "Method" Waterman 73 9
by Craig Logan
The result of showing "layman foolers" to my girlfriend. AlexStrand 69 3
by Kingman
Making a YouTube Channel Jabs Mckee 56 4
by Rudy Tinoco
Need some suggestions BillMcCloskey 130 20
by Spinooch81
Shopping suggestion AlexStrand 115 15
by Michaelblue
How Do You Choose? Robert Parris 169 15
by Michaelblue
Advice On Performing? KenTheriot 127 18
by KenTheriot
My Magic Library KenTheriot 545 9
by KenTheriot
Building A Web Site EVILDAN 117 12
by Whodini
SUPER BOWL 50 Waterman 56 12
by Chi Han
Pentro Penny Jabs Mckee 51 4
by Jabs Mckee
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