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Video review of Tesseract Mike Powers 58 3
by RayJ
Mentalism Book Review: Mythology Codex from Phill Smith MagicOrthodoxy 65 2
by Chris Karim
Video Review - Be More Funny by Christopher T Magician MagicOrthodoxy 91 3
by John Cowne
By Forces Unseen by Stephen Minch - Book MagicOrthodoxy 51 0
by MagicOrthodoxy
Lucky by John Bannon Michaelblue 337 11
by Anthony Vinson
Card College Table of Contents? dschmunis 135 17
by jim ferguson
Magic Review - Thought Space by Eric Stevens MagicOrthodoxy 23 0
by MagicOrthodoxy
Book Review - Mystery and Madness by Kaufman & Co. and Theodore DeLand MagicOrthodoxy 21 0
by MagicOrthodoxy
Book Review - Constant Fooling 1 and 2 by David Regal MagicOrthodoxy 24 0
by MagicOrthodoxy
Book Review - Random Acts of Magic by David Acer MagicOrthodoxy 19 0
by MagicOrthodoxy
Book Review - Revolutionary Card Technique by Ed Marlo MagicOrthodoxy 88 2
by Harry Lorayne
The Show Won't Go On, The Most Shocking, Bizarre, and Historic Deaths of Performers Onstage Abecarnow 108 7
by Abecarnow
Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic
1 2
JoshTheMagician 841 50
by chris w
Principia by Harapan Ong and Vanishing Inc. MagicOrthodoxy 434 23
by Jeremy Salow
52 Lovers Through The Looking Glass Knowcows 81 2
by Knowcows
SLAM! and other pet peeves about the Chop Cup EVILDAN 235 28
by Mike Powers
Magic Book Review: Maximum Entertainment 2.0 by Ken Weber MagicOrthodoxy 59 0
by MagicOrthodoxy
My Review: SLAM...and other pet peeves about the Chop Cup Waterman 60 0
by Waterman
Magic Review - Magic Book by Ryan Chandler MagicOrthodoxy 26 0
by MagicOrthodoxy
REVIEW: The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown by Trevor H.Hall and Vanishing Inc. stuartp 68 2
by RayJ
Review: Roberto Giobbi's Introduction to Card Magic (currently free) EndersGame 50 1
by RayJ
Magic Boook Review - Tesseract by Mike Powers MagicOrthodoxy 208 7
by Mbreggar
Experiencing the Impossible - The Science of Magic. Dr Gustav Kuhn ( MIT press, 2019) Gareth 66 4
by Rudy Tinoco
by Bill Guinee
New book from Matt Baker "The Buena Vista Shuffle Club" Maigret 561 6
by mbakermagic
Magic Book Review - Seven Thoughts by Sungwon Kim MagicOrthodoxy 39 0
by MagicOrthodoxy
Magic Review: The Dark Side of the Cube by Diego Voltini MagicOrthodoxy 41 0
by MagicOrthodoxy
Ben Blau's Truth Fables Anthony Vinson 146 0
by Anthony Vinson
The Magic Rainbow Anthony Vinson 327 19
by Bryce
Book Review - The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown by Trevor H. Hall MagicOrthodoxy 62 0
by MagicOrthodoxy
REVIEW: The Mark Elsdon Mega Mentalism eBook Bundle @ Big Blind Media stuartp 64 0
by stuartp
Gerald Deutsch - Perverse Magic magicfish 294 12
by misjief
REVIEW: Game Changer by Jason Ladanye stuartp 123 1
by Bill Guinee
Full Bloom by Gaetan hostlerj 361 2
by Frank Zak
Ben Blau's Asymptotes Anthony Vinson 753 12
by Ben Blau
Card Dodgery by J.K. Hartman (Contents) Mayniac 690 15
by rready
Book tracking spreadsheet (a)ndy 188 16
by Wayne T
Review: Dancing With The Cards (Michael Breggar) EndersGame 78 3
by Mbreggar
REVIEW: Words Beyond Book Test by The Other Brothers and Vanishing Inc. stuartp 24 0
by stuartp
Impossibilia by John Bannon emjay 161 10
by Dave Campbell
Solomon’s Secrets by David Solomon magicfish 227 10
by magicfish
Me, My Cards & I - John Carey Sibex 790 19
by Robin Dawes
REVIEW: Psychological playing card forces by Peter Turner Vol. 1 stuartp 24 0
by stuartp
Review: And Finally! (Harry Lorayne) EndersGame 118 0
by EndersGame
REVIEW: Test Conditions Prediction by Pablo Amira stuartp 15 0
by stuartp
Creating the Impossible by Chris Wardle and James Ward Paul Hallas 104 1
by Robin Dawes
Review: The Classic Collection (Harry Lorayne) EndersGame 324 14
by EndersGame
And Fianlly! Kevin 49 0
by Kevin
The Magic of Jonathan Friedman: The Musical - Book MagicOrthodoxy 30 0
by MagicOrthodoxy
REVIEW: The Wealthy Magician by Richy Roy stuartp 241 0
by stuartp
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