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Twins with Rhythm diemaker 32 0
by diemaker
Call of The Wild Paul Hallas 359 19
by Anthony Vinson
Still Small, Still Deadly Paul Hallas 385 9
by Alan Smithee
ESPecially Wild Paul Hallas 287 24
by RayJ
Unknown packet trick Dave 139 3
by Dave
by Tom G
Four Card Fooler from Gold Dust - Video Paul Gordon 140 1
by Reno
Extending the life of your Packet Tricks Dave Campbell 137 7
by Barry Allen
Capitulating Queens packet trick MagicRich2019 231 18
by Dave Campbell
1 2 3
EVILDAN 7,337 142
by Anthony Vinson
Original Gypsy Curse Paul Hallas 418 22
by Bmat
Hare Raising Hats Paul Hallas 174 12
by EndersGame
Up and Down Oil and Water Paul Hallas 62 2
by Paul Hallas
Gamble Amble Ratso58 89 3
by Ratso58
Exactly What is a Packet Trick? (From the book "Still Small, Still Deadly") Paul Hallas 80 2
by Paul Hallas
Universals by Roy Walton Paul Hallas 87 5
by Paul Hallas
Slow Motion Jazz Combo Paul Hallas 149 5
by Paul Hallas
Paul Gordon Packet Tricks Paul Gordon 83 3
by Paul Gordon
"Hole" by Peter Pellikaan Rudy Tinoco 350 7
by EndersGame
The Curious Case of the $25.00 Packet Trick Anthony Vinson 236 24
by JustChico
Thoughts on Nick Trost's 8 Card Brainwave OathSworn 651 12
by Paul Hallas
Card tricks that are self working,and fixed in a certain way johnnyjay 139 10
by Paul Hallas
Elmsley's Dazzle or Bannon's Razzle? Wayne T 615 24
by Anthony Vinson
4 Card repeat. Bibliography? IGPDA 68 4
by Chi Han
Paul Gordon's Spectrum Paul Gordon 76 3
by Paul Gordon
Black Art for cards Dave 146 2
by Dave
"The three thank you" Oil and water. IGPDA 172 11
by GreenKnight33
oil and water: Definition IGPDA 94 6
by Slowdini
Bicycle Flash Restoration Deck JoshTheMagician 60 2
by Harry Lorayne
The oil and water. introduction to my study IGPDA 57 2
by David
Paul Gordon - Four-Card Fooler Paul Gordon 100 1
by François Lagrange
Invisible Gorilla (Queens Out of Control) Rudy Tinoco 211 21
by Mind Phantom
Daryl's Combo Count on Cardboard Chameleons GreenKnight33 221 5
by GreenKnight33
The Upturned One Dave 46 0
by Dave
Joker Poker Dave 75 0
by Dave
Ten Gives Three magicfish 163 7
by Harry Lorayne
Noughts and Crosses Paul Hallas 163 0
by Paul Hallas
Oil and Water Unfinished Sentenc 236 18
by Robert McGee
Packet Trick Gallery
1 2
EVILDAN 3,553 73
by Paul Hallas
Nick Trost's A Packet of Backs luigimar 172 2
by luigimar
Wolf atThe Door Paul Hallas 254 0
by Paul Hallas
The Fabulous Egg Paul Hallas 45 0
by Paul Hallas
Monster Mash Paul Hallas 310 0
by Paul Hallas
MY TRUTH Nicolás Pierri 108 7
by Nicolás Pierri
CARDS ´n LOGICS Nicolás Pierri 97 5
by Nicolás Pierri
A Small Packet False Shuffle zarrow52 107 4
by rready
Ace to King Spelling marc_carrion 251 4
by marc_carrion
My Old Packet Tricks from the 70s by Emerson & West luigimar 1,266 24
by wbausert
My Packet Tricks luigimar 163 10
by luigimar
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