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Past Lectures List luigimar 146 6
by Robin Dawes
Frank Zak Lecture this Saturday!!! BarronOfMagic 128 7
by BarronOfMagic
Saturday's Lecture Frank Zak 108 4
by Rudy Tinoco
Steven Youell Lecture! Rudy Tinoco 675 38
by luigimar
Jason Ladanye Joins The Can-Am Conjuring Lecture Series Evan S. 56 1
by Evan S.
Harry Lorayne Lecture Rudy Tinoco 1,580 37
by MagickDon
The Marathon of Magic: 24 hours of Magic, Streaming LIVE (12/22) 104 9
by Anthony Vinson
European Close-up Magic Symposium (Milan, Italy, 17th – 18th November 2018) 156 8
by Clemens Ilgner
Conjuring Arts University LIVE, Interactive Webcam Courses ConjuringArts 64 3
by Anthony Vinson
Lecture Idea trinimontes 186 10
by Robin Dawes
Jon Armstrong Lecture Rudy Tinoco 468 35
by killermagicshop
I’ll be lecturing in Memphis on August 11 Ben Blau 46 1
by Anthony Vinson
Upcoming Allan Ackerman lecture Mike Powers 286 15
Mike Powers Penguin Lecture January 2016 Mike Powers 430 20
by Mike Powers
Mike Powers - an amazing lecture made possible by Mike and Rudy Barrett S 566 36
by EndersGame
David Williamson's Penguin lecture Mike Powers 224 18
by Michaelblue
17-20 May 2018, Saint Vincent (Ao) ITALY, XVI Congresso Magico 198 0
Scott Wolf Lecture - Vancouver, WA Rudy Tinoco 37 0
by Rudy Tinoco
Jim Krenz - January 27th at 1pm (Pacific) Rudy Tinoco 699 31
by Axel
Magi-Whirl 2018 conference in DC (offer inside) marc_carrion 185 0
by marc_carrion
Future Lecture Line-up Suggestions luigimar 118 9
by Magicmason
A Deal from Rafael Benatar Rudy Tinoco 99 0
by Rudy Tinoco
Rafael Benatar Lecture!! Rudy Tinoco 534 40
by MorrisCH
Allan Ackerman Lecture - Nov. 18th 2pm (Pacific) Rudy Tinoco 460 37
by rready
Franz Harary Penguin Live Lecture luigimar 71 3
Howard Hamburg Lecture!! Sept. 2nd at 2pm (Pacific) Rudy Tinoco 554 39
by Stevie Ray Christian
Michael Close lecture in Toronto, August 13 Robin Dawes 65 3
by GreenKnight33
Genii Convention anyone Tom G 106 4
by Tom G
Message from Nicolas Pierri (Lecture) Rudy Tinoco 385 33
by Nicolás Pierri
Jason Ladanye Lecture - May 6th at noon (Pacific) Rudy Tinoco 498 38
by Gareth
An Update and Apology - Harry's Lecture Rudy Tinoco 213 7
by Paul Gordon
Steven Youell Lecture - October 2nd at 2pm (Pacific)
1 2
Rudy Tinoco 772 52
by Steven Youell
Tom Frank Lecture Intensely Magic 395 4
by Gareth
Last Call - Steven Youell Rudy Tinoco 807 41
by magicmann
Steve Dobson Lecture - March 4th at Noon (Pacific) Rudy Tinoco 295 18
by Claudio
Steve Reynolds 2nd Lecture!! February 18th at Noon (Pacific) Rudy Tinoco 412 22
by Duncan Ross
Harry's Lecture for the Magician's Forum Tom G 354 7
by Rudy Tinoco
Michael Ammar Experience - Portland Rudy Tinoco 237 10
by Barden
Promo for Eric Jones Lecture Rudy Tinoco 212 37
by Ben Morris-Rains
Free Penguin Lecture Martin 263 8
by Dave Berkompas
Paul Gordon Lecture! - October 29th at Noon (Pacific) Rudy Tinoco 409 17
by Rudy Tinoco
Recent Steven Youell Lecture kudos JohnnyNewYork 364 9
by luigimar
Mike Powers Lecture!! - September 11th at 2pm (Pacific) Rudy Tinoco 454 27
by Rudy Tinoco
Update: Harry's Lecture! Rudy Tinoco 333 10
by Barrett S
Video of Dorian's Lecture Rudy Tinoco 306 24
by Rudy Tinoco
Harry Lorayne - The JawDroppers Lecture - July 9th at 2pm Rudy Tinoco 590 11
by Alan
Steven Youell's Lecture - April 30th, 2pm (Pacific) Rudy Tinoco 324 6
by Nolan
Online Lecture w/Steve Reynolds!! - April 15th @ 3pm (CENTRAL) Rudy Tinoco 232 29
by Stevie Ray Christian
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