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Hidden Killers from the Crypt Anthony Vinson 111 11
by Dave Campbell
"Pseudometry" by Terry LaGerould Rudy Tinoco 38 0
by Rudy Tinoco
Variation of “Queens’ Tour” by Hippie Torrales Rudy Tinoco 68 5
by Mike Powers
Paul Lelekis - "Invisible Assembly" Rudy Tinoco 218 18
by Spellboundlelekis
"Jeepers Creepers" by Paul Gordon Rudy Tinoco 89 4
by Rudy Tinoco
Two Faced by Sid Lorraine Rudy Tinoco 90 6
by Rudy Tinoco
Card Trick for Kids Rudy Tinoco 79 5
by Rudy Tinoco
Advice needed on Magic Performance nectazee 85 9
by Tom G
Tractor Beam by John Kennedy RayJ 158 5
by RayJ
First Magic Video on Youtube SilverMagicAddict 1,251 14
by tomzini
“Spel(L)Egant” by Harry Lorayne Rudy Tinoco 202 12
by magicfish
"Cal-Q-Lator" by Harry Lorayne Rudy Tinoco 74 3
by magicfish
DIY Black Art... misjief 51 1
by ParaSailor
Odd uses for a thumb tip misjief 64 2
by Rudy Tinoco
Ventriloquist misjief 78 6
by Jed
Farosation but Peter Duffie rready 163 7
by Wayne T
Another Place In Time- Steve Pressley rready 201 12
by Rudy Tinoco
Latest Mate Update magicfish 63 3
by magicfish
Street Magic Video at Car Free Day Festival in Vancouver. YEO 25 0
by YEO
Bruce Lee themed Monte at Car free day YEO 30 0
by YEO
HaLo Project Volume 2 Rudy Tinoco 272 15
Troika from Best Of Friends rready 338 31
by rready
"Fourtitude" by Harry Lorayne Rudy Tinoco 145 6
by rready
"Acid DNL" by Paul Gordon Rudy Tinoco 149 7
by Rudy Tinoco
From "Concertos for Pasteboard" Rudy Tinoco 70 7
by Paul Hallas
Thinking Rings Craig Logan 81 7
by Craig Logan
Interlaced Precision-Steve Pressley rready 188 13
by Mike Powers
Ed Marlo-The Magic Seven. culldavid 118 2
by culldavid
"Easy Prediction" by Vollmer (BOF 3) Rudy Tinoco 296 22
by EndersGame
Easy Prediction from JawDroppers Two! magicfish 535 37
by magicfish
"Color Separation" from Magic with Cards - Garcia & Schindler Rudy Tinoco 410 45
by EndersGame
New Speedway Boogie by John Hostler Rudy Tinoco 192 13
by wbausert
Perf: Double Express Sandwiches Rudy Tinoco 113 9
by Rudy Tinoco
Open Mic Performance Video - Feedback Requested Medifro 305 3
by Anthony Vinson
Thought Stealer Rethought - Paul Gordon Rudy Tinoco 108 5
by David
Taking up some coin work Cardshark Quixote 298 2
by Cardshark Quixote
Paul Gordon's That's Not Possible Paul Gordon 165 2
by Rudy Tinoco
Paul Gordon Amazing Four-Card Trick Paul Gordon 424 13
by Paul Gordon
Card in the Bag Magic Performance SilverMagicAddict 116 11
by SilverMagicAddict
Meaner, Cleaner, CSB Rick Holcombe 146 10
by Rick Holcombe
My version of "Four Shadowed" - Ryan Schlutz Rudy Tinoco 245 12
by Rudy Tinoco
"Super Telepathy for Skeptics" by Ramon Rioboo Rudy Tinoco 156 6
by Rudy Tinoco
New performance Cardshark Quixote 401 27
by Cardshark Quixote
"Powerful Powers" - Harry Lorayne Rudy Tinoco 105 5
by Rudy Tinoco
The Ultimate Transposition by Paul Gordon Paul Gordon 140 6
by Paul Gordon
"Diminishing Returns" - Mike Powers Rudy Tinoco 316 18
by Rudy Tinoco
"Card Sharp and the Four Gamblers" Rudy Tinoco 243 15
by Cardshark Quixote
"Torn and Restored Rip-off" Rudy Tinoco 124 6
by Craig Alan
Paul Gordon's Spectrum Paul Gordon 55 3
by Michaelblue
"One Eyed Jack Sandwich" Rudy Tinoco 150 20
by Paul Silk
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