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Card in the Bag Magic Performance SilverMagicAddict 119 11
by SilverMagicAddict
Meaner, Cleaner, CSB Rick Holcombe 146 10
by Rick Holcombe
My version of "Four Shadowed" - Ryan Schlutz Rudy Tinoco 247 12
by Rudy Tinoco
"Super Telepathy for Skeptics" by Ramon Rioboo Rudy Tinoco 166 6
by Rudy Tinoco
New performance Cardshark Quixote 401 27
by Cardshark Quixote
"Powerful Powers" - Harry Lorayne Rudy Tinoco 105 5
by Rudy Tinoco
The Ultimate Transposition by Paul Gordon Paul Gordon 143 6
by Paul Gordon
"Diminishing Returns" - Mike Powers Rudy Tinoco 342 18
by Rudy Tinoco
"Card Sharp and the Four Gamblers" Rudy Tinoco 246 15
by Cardshark Quixote
"Torn and Restored Rip-off" Rudy Tinoco 146 6
by Craig Alan
Paul Gordon's Spectrum Paul Gordon 55 3
by Michaelblue
"One Eyed Jack Sandwich" Rudy Tinoco 163 20
by Paul Silk
"75% Confident" by Paul Gordon Rudy Tinoco 82 5
by Rudy Tinoco
Coin Board EVILDAN 110 10
by Paul Hallas
"Royal-O-Cation" by Harry Lorayne Rudy Tinoco 458 11
by Mike Powers
"Magic Vibrations" - Gerald Deutsch - BOF III Rudy Tinoco 52 3
by Rudy Tinoco
Harry on the Carson Show (Complete Clip) Rudy Tinoco 240 24
by Barry Allen
A Very Young Harry Lorayne... Rudy Tinoco 203 3
by SpareTopChange
"Re-Flipped" - Yannick Chretien Rudy Tinoco 93 4
by Rudy Tinoco
"Magic Square" - Harry Lorayne Rudy Tinoco 349 20
by Socrates
Back to the Future Triumph Craig Logan 72 9
by Claudio
"Intercept" by Harvey Berg Rudy Tinoco 460 22
by Paul Hallas
"Whooper" by Yannick Chretien Rudy Tinoco 174 5
by AlexStrand
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