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Subject Author Category Views Replies   Last Post
Mentalist, Magician? Socrates Mentalism 73 8
by Nathan_himself
Plasti Dip Frank Zak Card Magic 211 21
by Paul Hallas
Gaining Confidence Nate Smith The Open Forum 154 20
by Don Podlas
The Difference Between Tricksters & Magicians. Senor Fabuloso The Open Forum 118 5
by Don Podlas
Favorite Okito Box routines? Tom G Coin Magic 207 10
by Dave Campbell
Couldn’t wait until next weekend Gareth The Open Forum 75 3
by MagicTK
My Performance at Night of Curiosities Rudy Tinoco Close-Up Magic 105 12
by Waterman
Paul Harris, Dan Harlan Michaelblue Another Man's Treasure... 42 0
by Michaelblue
Max Krause MagickDon In the News/Announcements 208 20
by RayJ
Morgan silvers Michaelblue Another Man's Treasure... 57 9
by Michaelblue
Has anyone here tried Greg Rostami's Inject 2? EndersGame Close-Up Magic 194 13
by Maigret
Best Angle for The Classic Pass while Standing? Buffalo McKinley Card Magic 77 8
by Buffalo McKinley
Timely Departure by John Bannon Socrates Card Magic 438 30
by Ferry Gerats
Phil Young (pYO) - Hello Guys, Happy to be here pYO Let Me Introduce Myself... 52 4
by Harry Lorayne
New Ebook from Michael Close Michael Close In the News/Announcements 31 0
by Michael Close
Interview w/Allan Ackerman & Old Is New Again Rudy Tinoco The Open Forum 144 8
by Barden
Recommended Resources for Beginners in Card Magic EndersGame Card Magic 152 12
by magicfish
Book by Paco Nagata Tom G The Open Forum 145 13
by Ferry Gerats
Phone Applications Nathan_himself Mentalism 107 4
by Chris Karim
Magic Review: Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks by Cameron Francis MagicOrthodoxy DVD's 48 0
by MagicOrthodoxy
Marlo Effects Mike Powers Card Magic 140 13
by trinimontes
Magic Review - The Trick That Can Be Explained by Mark Elsdon MagicOrthodoxy Tricks 17 1
by RayJ
Review: Reel Magic Magazine - Easily the best deal in magic today! EndersGame Downloads 134 18
by Senor Fabuloso
Trics Convention Paul Hallas The Open Forum 70 6
by Anthony Vinson
ILLUMINATI Ring Through Finger Senor Fabuloso Close-Up Magic 22 1
by Robin Dawes
Spellbound 👛 Giacomo Bertini's Coin Magic Tutorial Coin Magic 243 23
by Senor Fabuloso
REVIEW: The Trick That Can Be Explained by Mark Elsdon stuartp Tricks 30 1
by Rudy Tinoco
An Artist Mike Powers The Open Forum 145 23
by RayJ
REVIEW: Legacy V2 by Jamie Badman & Colin Miller stuartp Tricks 13 0
by stuartp
Review: Dealing With It - Season 2 (John Bannon) EndersGame DVD's 73 2
by Anthony Vinson
LIGHT by Mickael Chatelain MagicOrthodoxy Tricks 17 1
by Anthony Vinson
Free Woody Aragon card show download chris w Card Magic 57 3
by chris w
Rafael Benatar's "Elegant Cups & Balls" video Dave Campbell In the News/Announcements 41 3
by Dave Campbell
Magician's Forum Linking Ring Parade? Rudy Tinoco The Open Forum 295 29
by Robin Dawes
Magic Review: Deck to Anything by Sansminds MagicOrthodoxy Tricks 27 3
by RayJ
"Jeepers Creepers" by Paul Gordon Rudy Tinoco The Showroom 52 3
by RayJ
How to Get Started in Card Magic EndersGame Card Magic 87 5
by RayJ
The Pinky Break RayJ Card Magic 85 9
by RayJ
Are you reaching your goals? Jason Ladanye Card Magic 113 9
by arthur stead
Faro - Now What? Bill Guinee Card Magic 289 29
by culldavid
The Paradigm Shift Volume 1 (Michael Close's ebook not Simon Black's, thingy) Gareth Downloads 49 5
by Gareth
A Roy Walton trick rready Card Magic 56 11
by jim ferguson
Now free for a limited time: Roberto Giobbi’s Introduction to Card Magic (150 page e-book) EndersGame The Open Forum 157 9
by Senor Fabuloso
Still Small, Still Deadly Paul Hallas Packet Tricks 202 7
by Bob Farmer
Card Trick for Kids Rudy Tinoco The Showroom 79 5
by Rudy Tinoco
Magic Review - Fire When Ready by John Bannon MagicOrthodoxy DVD's 78 5
by DJ
Indianapolis Bill Guinee The Open Forum 38 1
by MagickDon
Review: Roberto Giobbi's Introduction to Card Magic (currently free) EndersGame Books 38 1
by RayJ
Is this used in any retention vanishes? SamtheNotsoMagnificent Coin Magic 115 11
by Michaelblue
Magic Warehouse Sale Mike Powers Another Man's Treasure... 210 19
by Robin Dawes

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