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Tonight the Portland Society of Magician's held a fund-raiser performance for Steve Dobson. 
I was on the bill to perform and up until I went on stage was upbeat and ready to go.

However, once on stage as I began to share how I first met Steve I became a little over-whelmed with emotion. It was difficult to see Steve in his current physical condition along with thinking about some of the BS associated with the event (looooong story). 

I fumbled my way through my first effect (coins to glass) and even though it received a positive reaction from the audience, I cut the rest of the effects from my act and left the stage.

Sitting behind the scenes I was able to watch the performers via a closed circuit camera. There was also a vantage point showing the audience. Steve was smiling and seemed to be having a good time!

Unfortunately I am not good with these types of events. I quietly packed up and left before the show was over. I drove around for an hour or so not really caring where I was headed...I just needed to process.

I know it's cliché to say how life is short, but it truly is. Instead of letting that notion depress me, I found myself being grateful for what my life has given me. It hasn't been a bowl of cherries by any stretch, but overall I have been truly blessed with a loving family and more than a handful of great friends, and a career I am proud of. 

Steve understands and is accepting as best he can where his life is at...I am sure that today his mind wasn't focused on the inevitable outcome of his health conditions, but was grateful for the love that surrounded him today from both friends and strangers alike!



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I'm sure Steve was happy that you performed in his honor, one trick or not. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, I know it isn't easy.

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This year one of our burlesque performers, a drag queen named Chardonnay LeTease, passed away. And it was so sudden. We were at a planning meeting for one complicated show, A tribute to the Wizard of Oz show where we were going to start in one monotone room and then move outside to colorful Oz. He had three pieces in the show including the opener, “Over the Rainbow. The following week he suffered a stroke and by the end of the week he was gone.

The show still went on. I was emcee and was performing some magic as well. The producer told me we to address the elephant in the room and if I had any suggestions. I told him I’d take care of it.

After my opening monologue where I go over rules, behavior,upcoming dates, etc., I started to announce our first performer. It went something like this.

Ladies and gentlemen, our first performer is a actor, a producer, a veteran of the burlesque stage who toes the line between a man, a woman, and “what the hell is that?”

Unfortunately she’s not here tonight. About a week ago she suffered a stroke. Things were looking good for a day and then things got worse. He was gone by the end of the week.

Chardonnay was the consummate pro, the show must go on. So imagine if you will Chardonnay up on stage belting on the opening number (at this point the producer started playing the music) and bringing a smile to everyone’s face, because that’s what she did every time she took the stage.

As as the music fades, 3, and Chardonnay takes her bow, 2, please give her a round of applause so that she can hear it up in heaven, 1.

We all miss her but were glad to have known her for what little time that might have had.
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