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Anthony Vinson

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Fellow TMF Members, 

You may have noticed recently that we mods have been more visible and active on the board. This is in response to several factors, chief among them an ever-increasing membership. What Rudy humbly launched in response to poor treatment of Harry Lorayne on another forum has, and is continuing, to grow. More members mean more post traffic, and this, by extension, requires more moderating and closer attention to set guidelines.  

Rudy will be addressing this topic more fully in a video message to members in the next week or two. In the meantime, please help us maintain this wonderful community as it was envisioned: a place for the civil discussion of magic and its related arts. 

We mods serve at Rudy’s pleasure, and are here to support his vision for the board and the board’s membership. To that end, a brief list of commonsense guidelines is being finalized under Rudy's supervision that we will use to moderate the board and maintain its integrity. 

We mods are not the police. We are not grammarians. We are, like you, TMF members and magicians. We’re here to help. If we ask your help in keeping a thread on topic, or easing back a bit on your “enthusiasm” toward are particular subject or member, it is only toward the goal of maintaining the forum as it was intended. Again, Rudy will be formally addressing this topic shortly. This note is only to let you know why you are seeing increased mod activity. 

If we can help, or answer a question, don’t hesitate to drop a PM to one or all of us. We’ll respond at our earliest opportunity. 

Current active mods are: luigimar, Tom G, Wayne T, and Anthony Vinson, and of course there’s our founder, Rudy Tinoco.

Thanks, and enjoy the forum! 

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