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Just want to remind those who subscribe to Genii (January 2018) to take a look at the Bannon column and one of the effects from Guastaferro. 

The Bannon effect is a chicago opener style effect, but with a clever switch that I will likely try to implement into other routines of mine.

The Guastaferro effect is like Bannon's Timely Departure, but with one card instead of four so it plays well for a one on one performance.


Edit: Guastaferro teaches his handling of an anti-oil and water effect, which to me couldn't stand alone as a whole trick, but works well as the intro to an oil and water effect. A stack of 4 black cards instantly blends with a stack of 4 reds, forming red black red black stack. You could shake the oil and water together... causing them to mix! Joshua Jay has a nice oil and water on his penguin lecture that this could serve as an intro for. Just an idea!

Anthony Vinson

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Yes, indeed. In fact, both Bannon's bi-monthly columns and John G's run as editor of Magicana have been a boon to subscribers and casual buyers alike. None of Bannon's offerings have disappointed, and I have performed two of them regularly since they ran last year - Perfect Stranger and [Will Edit in Name Later, but it's an elevator plot with a kicker ending]. At least three of Bannon's offerings could easily have sold as stand alone downloadable videos for $9.95 and no doubt sold well.

My only complaint with Genii, and it is minor, is that the feature writers sometimes need tighter editorial restraints. Feature articles are thick with detail, but some of the writer's styles are, to me personally, a bit clunky. I also think the magazine could use a bit more humor, which is interesting since Richard Kaufman is a fairly humorous guy.

At any rate, with online access to the entire Genii archive, as well as many past issues of MAGIC Magazine, I think subscribers are getting great value for their investment.

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