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This 16th century pamphlet can be read for free at

Written more than four hundred years ago, this pamphlet mentions cheating with misshaped dice, loaded dice, sleight of hand dice switches, verbal signalling between cheats during a dice game, controlled dice throws, and the act of double crossing another cheater (to "crossbite" them) by switching his crooked dice for different crooked dice.

With cards, it mentions stacking, confederacy, pegging, crimping, marking, trimming, and an observer signalling the victim's cards to the cheater.  It tells of one victim who is taken by having an old woman behind him who is knitting, and who signals his hand by changing the speed of her knitting.

It also mentions the organization of a criminal gang, including how victims are induced to join the gang once they are broke from being cheated and the maintenance of a treasury to help out members who get arrested.

This is all presented within the context of a story where someone who is just being drawn into the world of gambling is being warned against it by someone who is knowledgeable about such matters, and who is advising the victim to cut his losses and quit the game, rather than trying to win back his money.

This pamphlet is an entertaining read, and also helps to document the age of many cheating methods.  If you study gambling and cheating, then you will probably enjoy A Manifest Detection of the Most Vyle and Detestable Use of Dice Play.

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