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Hello Fellow Magi - 

It’s been a bit since I’ve been active here but with summer going on and family activities etc. it’s been difficult to find the time to visit as often as I would like. But after the past couple of weeks I had to post this.

I was going to post this as a pm to Harry but I am just too excited to not share with the forums. 

I have been looking at purchasing “Super Memory, Super Student” for my daughter from Harry’s website (still planning but time and life has been getting in the way).

In the interim, I was gifted, copies of “Super Power Memory” and “The Memory Book” (which Harry wrote with Jerry Lucas). 

I am astounded to say the least. 

I started with The Memory Book and am about 50 pages in and it already has proven its worth. I can still recall easily: airplane, tree, envelope, earring, bucket, sing, basketball, salami, star, nose) - two weeks after reading that section!

Today, when going to the store, I was able to remember a dozen and half items on my wife’s list with no issue. Needless to say she was a little surprised considering I’ve always been the type where if she said to pick up three items invariably I would only come home with two.

I was given Mnemonica as a Christmas gift a few years ago and have always been nervous about mem deck work and unsure if it was something I could pursue. But even with what little I’ve read thus far, my confidence has already increased in that area. I can see possibilities coming into play. 

I never thought that being a 50+ year old I would be able “train the brain” this way and this easily. 

My only regret was that I didn’t know about this 35 some years ago when I was in school. I can see how valuable these techniques would have been during my high school and college years. 

So I offer my kudos to Mr. Loryane for what he has given. I am thankful for the opportunity through this forum (thank you Rudy) to be able to offer my appreciation directly. 

And in Harry’s words - I’m finally reading the “good stuff”. [smile][wink][idea][crazy][thumb]
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