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"Usually, magicians jeer at fortune telling and tellers for the reason that they like to yell, "Fake". It remains, however, for fortune-telling to take the play at parties quicker than anything else. The alert magus (oh Mr. Wolff!) can do no better than learn the subject well enough to use it. It will increase his personal popularity a hundredfold, and personal popularity has a lot to do with business success. Learn a mysterious looking layout or two and a meaning for each card. Let the millions of combinations take care of your stories, and you'll never have any rest." - Ted Annemann

Last week I was speaking with a magician who was telling me how a mentalist he knows attracts more attention and gains more work than anybody else. The reason for this is simple, a good mentalist/magician recognises that people are much more interested in themselves and the human condition than they are magic tricks. And anyone who has taken the time to read Dale Carnegie will understand the benefits of applying this knowledge to their work.
Mind Phantom

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100% agree with that Socrates!!

People care more about what's going on in there world..than seeing a few tricks.

Socrates, are you still into palm reading ?


Self Concept Is Destiny...
Alan Smithee

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First and foremost, Socrates said people care about themselves. What's going on in the world is a poor second.
James Nelson

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People want to believe in the para-normal. They believe the televised mediums truly have powers. They are eager to believe that people can actually read minds, predict the future and in the case of televised mediums-speak to the dead.

Doing a very well practiced routine with cards- I have been told "nice trick"

Doing a simple prediction like the PATEO force- I have been told I am "gifted"

The desire for fantasy overrules logic.

Just my opinion.
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