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I don't normally write reviews, as there are much better reviewers in this forum and on YouTube. in this case however, I wanted the community to be aware. There are many metal bending paper clips, on the market. The Opener by Morgan Strebler, Self Bending Paperclip by Menny Lindenfeld and a few others. The problem with some of these is that thay can only be done in the hand. Bently can be done on a table or even in a participants hand seemingly out of the performers control.

Located here I got this for 75% off in one of there "Cool Box" sales. If you don't get this t a discount there will be some who think they have been ripped off because of what you get. A DVD and some paper clips but honestly, I've been playing with paper clip bending for years and never thought of this.

The good
Very visual bend
Can be done in the participants hand or on a surface
The gimmick is completely

The bad
Requires some prep
If you want to start and end clean, you will need to perform some slight of hand
It's a bit expensive for what you get $20

All in all I really like this bending paper clip and will be using it often. To me it makes more sense than bending coins, keys or silverware because those things are unusable after they've been bent. A paper clip is so inexpensive, that who cares if you can't use it after the bend.

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