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Hi everybody! So I am trying to get as many as I can to share this link:

Michael Blackhart is a friend and very passionate about magic. In February he opened his new venture, Blackhart's Magic Theater and Shop. His goal is to create the old brick and mortar shop where newbies could mingle and talk with us old farts, introducing a new generation to magic as an art, as well as providing a venue for both local and national magicians to perform in.

Things were going well. Lots of shows, lots of sales, with more to come.

Then covid hit. Michael is keeping things going for now but it will fail unless things pick up considerably. The GoFundMe is a last ditch effort to keep the doors open.

I'm already volunteering in my off hours and will be doing svengali pitches and trying to boost sales. The group of magicians I've found here are kind, passionate and worth helping. Losing this theater would be a loss to both local magicians and to our city's art and performance scene.

Donate, if you like, but more important to me is if you would please share the link. I want to draw attention to this place, as much as possible, and keep it going.

Thanks guys!
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