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Dave Campbell

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I have business cards, but they are for me as a Software Consultant, and I put my logo on the back, so I have no real 'white space' to write on -- as a magician that wouldn't be a good thing.

I went looking for just some blank business cards to use for "Out to Lunch" or 'peek' effects, or any of the list of 'business card' effects.

I found some on Amazon -- the $15 didn't bother me, but it was for 400! -- I figure in 10 years or so my daughter is going to be going through my stuff and wondering why the heck I had 3-1/2 boxes of blank business cards 😉

So while running another errand yesterday I stopped at one of those "UPS" stores and asked. After a little back-and-forth, she said hang on -- went and grabbed a handfull of 'card stock' sheets, and pulled a machine out of a cabinet. She put the paper in and cranked it, and it cut 2 11" strips 3" wide, then put them into another slot and produced 5 business cards from each. I asked her how much it would be... she said just for the paper -- 21 cents a sheet. I had her do 5 sheets and walked out with 50 blank business cards for $1 and change.

Just a mention in case anyone has had a thought about blanks!


Anthony Vinson

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I use these.

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