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Rudy Tinoco

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Ken’s wife shipped these books to me. I had ordered them from him a month or so before he passed away. They just arrived today. I particularly like how John Bannon autographed cans Ken’s copy of Destination Zero. How fitting.

I already have a copy of Harry’s Close Up Card Magic, but couldn’t resist buying an extra copy of the good stuff.

Do any of you have Benjamin Earl’s book, Less is More? Thought?


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Anthony Vinson

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Wow. Bittersweet.

Yes, I have Less Is More and believe it to be one of the best books I've purchased. Small in size, but large in content. Ben takes a pedagogical approach to ace cutting, starting with basic moves and strategies and moving into real "jazz magic" territory. While I will likely never achieve any sort of proficiency with the final routine, I have learned a great deal from the book, including some tabled shuffle and cutting techniques that are both deceptive and accessible. High marks from little ol' me. I think you will enjoy it.

Chi Han

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The bounce cut in less is more, and some of his handlings on false shuffles are VERY nice. Very cool influences.

His thoughts on the Henry Christ aces and ace cutting in general is also worth the read. While not definitive on the subject, there is definitely at least a couple of elements to throw into anyone else looking to create their own routine on the subject.

In terms of pure ace cutting though, I have yet to find anything to outweigh HaLo Aces, so the bulk of the book never made it into my working repertoire.

I can't help but feeling incredibly sad about this post. It's very strange to think that he won't be posting here again. Although I did not know him well and rarely spoke to him, his presence and love for magic were certainly felt.

It's good to see his books are going to go to good use though. And maybe his ideas on a mentorship program may prove a good legacy.

Inner Circle
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Truly bittersweet.  Even though I barely knew him, loss of life is just sad (albeit a reality we can't ignore).

Thankful Rudy you were able to bring some of those books to a good home.

I also very much enjoyed 'Less is More'.  There's for sure something you will get from it, even if you don't attain mastery in Ace Cutting.  He also has a DVD on Ace Cutting.  I have it, and it's good...but a bit overwhelming for me at this point.  I will though revisit at a later date.  I still though, far prefer the book.


Inner Circle
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I’d like to echo Green knights sentiments. I hardly knew Ken but his memory will live on when ever you flick through those pages and dare I say whenever you perform anything from them.

I too really enjoy Less is More, I’ve heard it called, by authorities greater than I, a modern classic. His section, I think first in the book, on Henry Christ’s Aces went straight into my repertoire.

And Wow! That first ed. CUCM. Wonderful.

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