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So this just came in the mail: Roberto Giobbi's brand new Card Magic Masterclass DVDs!  Does anyone else have this yet, or have some first impressions to share?

It's a beautifully presented box with five DVDs, each with around 90 minutes of teaching covering the five major areas of card magic:
1. Controls (7 Steps to Card Control, Single Card Controls, Multiple Card Controls)
2. Switches (Glide, Top Changes, Multiple Lifts & Turnovers, False Deals, Hand Spread Switches, Various Switches)
3. False Shuffles & Cuts (False Cuts, False Overhand Shuffles, False Riffle Shuffles, Faro Shuffle, Hindu Shuffle, Charlier Shuffle)
4. Palms (Top Palms, Bottom Palms, Side Steals, Various)
5. Forces (Non-Technical Forces, Cut Forces, Table Spread Forces, Forces With Props, Dribble Forces)


It's available directly from Roberto Giobbi for €69.95:
It's also available from Vanishing Inc Magic for $75: (DVD or download)

Card Magic Masterclass is a follow-up to Giobbi's excellent Card College 1 & 2 Personal Instruction - The Complete Course (priced at €49.95). That's based on the first two Card College books, while the newly released Card Magic Masterclass set is based on his other Card College books (3 & 4 & 5).

Roberto Giobbi is an outstanding teacher, so I can't wait to start exploring these!

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