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Back in 2004 or so, I had come up with an idea at a local club meeting where I pretended to roughly spread the cards and then said, "It's a decent fan, in fact it's easy.  Here, you try".  Then I tossed it out to the audience and the cards flew everywhere.  It got a laugh.  So, the next month at that club meeting, I had a different way of presenting it.  I reached in my case and pulled out the cards and fanned them rapidly.  Almost a perfect fan and said, "I've been practicing".  I then tossed the fan out to the club members, and it stayed together in a solid fan of cards.  It got another great laugh.

So I later had thought about what else could I do with a glued fan of cards.  I had seen Karl Norman and Garrett Thomas fan some cards from (Think of a Card 1&2 from Karl's book "40 Years at the Forks") and ask a spectator just think of one card they see.  Then the performer reveals the card.  I showed this to Garrett, and he had fun with it doing the same exact routine as he would with a normal deck, but doing it with this glued fan.  That routine still worked!  He consistently named the thought of card.

Then I had also had fun with doing a quick spread of the "fan" and asking a spectator to pull out one card.  Then I as soon as they grabbed on, I turned my back and let go of the cards.  Of course, they grabbed the entire fan.  It gets a great laugh.

I had also showed this to Mike Powers back then, and he loved it.  I think the next year, I had given him a glued fan of cards, which I think he still has.  He said he still has fun using it.

I've experimented with having one card glued in reverse as the selected card, and spread them on the table face up with the one card face down.  Then ask them to flip the card over, and the whole fan turns over.

Just another fun idea.  Feel free to use it.  Let me know if you have any neat, creative ideas.  I'd love to hear if you use this.


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