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Barrett S

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Chicagoland's own Glenn Morphew will be competing on Penn & Teller: Fool Us!

He will be on the show that airs August 24th.  It is on "The CW."  And I can't even provide a channel number for Chicago, because it all depends on your provider.  This might help and is a safe link:

I am certain that many members of TMF know who Glenn is.  

If not, his website is  (safe link)

Glenn is known for many effects, including his Rub-a-dub vanish and his OHTP (mentioned by Dorian Rhodell when he lectured on TMF).

Anyway, if you own a television (some folks might rather watch this on a book), this'd be a great way to use it.  [smile]  <-- this is meant to be humorous.

Intensely Magic

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I'm really looking forward to this. I'm a big fan. What he does, he does exceptionally well. Just look at the rub-a-dub vanish - a move totally obvious, I always thought, but in Glenn's hands it is totally believable. His three shell work is spectacular.

I'm going to be interested in his choice of material. His magic is great, but not particularly magician foolers.

Incidentally, he is lecturing in Chicago 9/25 (Mount Prospect, actually). Worth the effort, I think, to see him.


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