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I been working on this for months now, still not that great at it. It's an effect by Kainoa Harbottle. I enjoy coin effects, but rarely do I practice them. This is one that I stuck with for a few months. Patter could be finessed a bit more etc. Wanted to see what you all thought. Thanks for any feedback.


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* It looks good but as you say, it needs more work.
* I think it goes on for too long, make it shorter.
* Take the coins nearer the edge so more coin is exposed. Specially at the beginning, you are holding the coins in such a way that most of the coin is covered and since you are saying it reflects light, it does not make sense if not much of the coin's surface is exposed.
* If you are using edge grip, then show more of the hand ("inside") doing it. It would give it a cleaner look and it will look much better.
* I do not know the routine but you hold the coins with two fingertips, you could use just the middle fingertip and it would also give you a cleaner look.
* Really shiny coins. Silver half dollars?

I hope this helps.

Really nice set of books right there on your shelves! (HaLo books, Racherbaumer's Kabbala, etc.)

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