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Conscious Magic is a DVD project by Ran Pink and Andrew Gerard. If you don't know these two creators, you have been missing out. I was supper excited when I saw episode 1. I have bought all three DVD's, but recently saw all three in a box set. I think that this would be a great time to give my review of all the effects found in this project.


Episode 1

T-Rex- This is a center tear. It is a fantastic instant access method that has replaced every other center tear in my life. This was originally a book and video project by Ran a few years back. Even though I bought his book, I still found a lot of value listening in while Andrew and Ran discussed the move and how to use it.

Real World- This is a great version of Out of this World. I enjoy the premise and presentation of this effect. Although I won't be using it, I still think it is a great method and is something that will blow your audience away.


Episode 2

Get Lucky- This is a lottery prediction effect. It is simple and bold. I instantly took this out and performed it for a few friends of mine. They were blown away and it made me look like I was much better than I really am. I have added my own personal touches on the routine, but I highly recommend this effect.

Becoming- this shows why Andrew Gerard is as good as he is. He takes a simple (yet great) card move and turns it into an emotional experience for his participant. This is a beautiful piece of magic and will provide an intimate moment that will leave them feeling amazing.

Radio- This is good! Like most things on this project, this creates a super intimate and beautiful moment between the spectator and performer. I have been using a very similar method for a different effect, but I have since added this to my close-up mentalism set.

Fifty 50- This is a fun little effect based of the idea of influence. I would never do this at a gig, but it is such a fun little piece. It reminds me of something Mark Elsdon would put in his CAM series.


Episode 3

Accuracy- this was originally released a few years back as a single release. I was fortunate enough to learn this and use this before this DVD was released. This is a fun piece that is similar to the Free Will effect, but has a fantastic method that will fool both spectators and magicians. I'm sad that more people will be exposed to the method, but I know people will enjoy it.

STFU- This is such a simple concept. They explain how they use this tool to create effects that blow audiences away. I instantly started using this and created miracles with a deck of playing cards. I personally have started using it as a method to recreate the Derren Brown "Smoke" effect. It is awesome and is a true killer.

The Formula- an ACAAN with a blank deck? Yes, please! I am adding this to my walk around set and plan on doing this as much as possible.

White Room- Like Accuracy, this was originally released a few years back. This is a method to know what playing card a spectator is thinking of. Ran has added some nice touches and provided some PDF's that helps with the explanation. This replaced Kolossal Killer in my wallet a few years back, and this reinforced that I made the right call.

(If you like White Room, I also highly recommend Destination by Rus Andrews. Completely different method, but similar concept)



If you can't already tell, I believe that episode 1-3 are amazing. Andrew and Ran are truly masters in our art. The way they connect with their audience is superb. You not only learn beautiful pieces of magic and mind reading; you learn how to create and perform powerful magic. This comes with my highest recommendation. I promise that you will find something in these episodes that will make you say "Yep, I'm doing that".



"There is art left to be made in this world" - Anthony Bourdain
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