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Magic Review: Conscious Magic Episode 5 | Andrew Gerard & Ran Pink

Ran and Andrew share some serious secrets to performing real world material. This is my kind of magic!" 
- Dynamo 

"Not only are the effects strong, but I especially love the dialogue between these two, and the insights and subtleties they give away are priceless." 
- Haim Goldenberg 

"Possibly the VERY BEST project I've seen in the field of mentalism. No mumbo-jumbo B#@%T - this is the real stuff. Can't wait for the rest of the series - a game changer!" 
- Paul Romhany - Editor VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE

"If I had a list of 10 mystery artists I'd like to be locked in a room with, Andrew Gerard and Ran Pink would be on that list. They constantly inspire me by stripping effects down to organic, seamless, simplistic moments of astonishment. To have these two modern-day masters brainstorming together is an opportunity I will not miss, and neither should you." 
- Marc Spelmann 



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