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Hello everyone! 

So, I had a great first Magic show ( Vlog show ) with Rudy and THINK I convinced him that if I can pronounce his last name right he would AGAIN assist me in doing a weekly Vlog style magic show. [thumb]

SO, here is my question. I would like have magicians that have a grasp of the basics of magic and decent in shooting videos help me create magic lessons for the BasicsOfMagic Catalog. Let me be VERY CLEAR... I am charging $50 a year for the online Catalog BUT I do not see that this feature of the website will money anytime soon. 

HOWEVER, I did speak to Rudy ( he thinks it is a good idea and will make lessons)  and I think that IF members did provide me magic lessons via videos and we did see NEW some sales i would give a percentage back to and maybe create a fund for ... and cause that needs it. 

IF you are interested in helping out and being immortalized in Magic Film ... here is what i ask. 

Each video has:
  • intro of who you are and a QUICK belief of magic
  • The lesson ( must be at least 1-2 minutes but can be longer. However, NOT WAR AND PEACE mini series. 
  • always mention - Not tell secret 
  • Motivate
  • End if you have a website you can mention, but please not selling tricks. 

Also, IF you do have a beginners trick you make, contact me and lets see about putting it into the shopping area. 

Remember, I am creating this site so people don't learn magic and go to Instagram or Tiktok and expose magic. WE NEED to bring the magic BACK to magic. 

Will Roberts
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